The Colour Purple

Friday 11 April 2008

Cadbury-Schweppes, purveyors of such foodstaffs as Coca-Cola and shit chocolate, today lost its court case against Darrell Lea, purveyors of all manner of sugary yummy foodstuffs to rot your teeth. It had dragged DL through the Federal Court for the past FIVE YEARS to try to stop it from using the colour purple in its packaging because it claims DL's customers will be fooled into believing that they are buying Cadburry-Schweppes products.

This rather unfuriates me, dear bloggers and readers of same. Five fucking years. Multi millions of dollars spent in something so utterly ridiculous. It just beggars belief.

Your foodstuffs are still just as shit, Cadbury-Schweppes. It's just that now you've wasted a shitload of money and now consumers everywhere will (hopefully), when they think of you, keep in mind that you think they have an IQ of a gnat.

Stop wasting everyone's goddamn time.


  1. that's going to happen.

    But anyway, I enjoyed reading about you kicking against it this morning. :)

  2. Yes, Kentster, here I am again kicking against the cultural goads :)

    By golly, I just enjoy it, you know? :)

    Hey, sometimes I get surprised at the strange feelings of comfort I get from unusual things. They kind of just pop out of nowhere. And when you mentioned that it's the morning there right now, it made me feel all ... cosy, somehow. Is that weird? :D

  3. Cadbury Chocolate isn't that bad; yeah, there's better chocolate in the world, but there's also far worse, and the better stuff is usually prohibitively expensive.
    The purple thing is pretty silly, though. For starters, my observations strongly suggest that Darrell Lea products are almost exclusively sold in Darrell Lea stores, so frankly, unless they copied Cadbury's entire look I don't see how any reasonable person could be confused. And the news items say the displays that used the purple were bronze and purple, while Cadbury uses white and purple, so even somebody who sees in blurs would be able to tell the difference even if they didn't twig they were in the wrong shop and paying twice the price.

  4. Geday Kelly.

    Yes, there is worse chocolate than Cadburys - cooking chocolate :)

    I'm a bit of a chocolate snob actually. I like the expensive stuff like Lindt, and the darker the better. Cadbury's doesn't taste like real chocolate to me ... it tastes good, but it's a bit too fluffy for mine.

    I agree that the fact that Darrell Lea is sold IN Darrell Lea shops is what makes this whole thing just eminently, entirely stupid.

  5. The issue I think is that Cadbury recognizes the power that things as simple as a colour can have over the imagination of consumers. Why else would they spend five years in the courts fighting it?

    If you came across that cadbury purple, somewhere other than a commercial, lets say the wall of a gallery, for example, after seeing it associated with chocolate your whole life on tv, Id be willing to wager, that even on a subconscious level, without bweing aware of it, your mind would be reminded of chocolate. Or memories associated with chocolate.

    Remember those animated ads where everything in the world was chocolate and you could take a bite out of your purple house or purple dog?

    A purple world made of chocolate..

    Wouldnt it be nice?

    They know that their money isnt wasted if it protects the hold that colour gives them over our imaginations. Isnt it great that we now live in a world where companies litigate each other over the "rights" to a colour?

  6. Wouldn't it be nice, o Monk of monkness? Well, not if it was a purple world made of Cadbury chocolate for all of the snob reasons I stated above :) And imagine the disastrous results of such a world. Stoned people and premenstrual people wouldn't have any furniture because they would have eaten it all :)

    I totally agree that advertising affects us on those subliminal levels. It's not so much that I disagree with their premise that people might associate the colour purple with their product, but to presume that they therefore have the right to stop other people from using that colour makes me feel glad that they have wasted so many millions of dollars in the courts. Suffer, you pathetic, litigious bastards :)

    What annoys me even more about living in a world where companies litigate over this stuff, is that our legal system allows it. The law really is such an ass (although that's probably a bit unfair to donkeys). It's just farcical and makes me swear.


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