Divine psychosis

Tuesday 15 April 2008

I am going to my writers' group tomorrow night. I didn't go from June last year until March this year because I was either feeling too sick or too suicidal or too blocked in terms of writing fiction (fiction is the pinnacle for me. I can be writing tons of nonfiction stuff - even hopefully one day getting paid for some of the stuff I write, but I know I won't feel like a real writer until I am back on the fiction horse again. )

There's something inspiring about getting together with a bunch of people who are like you - it must be telling how often I feel like I'm kinda a bit out of the loop or weird or on the fringes or whatever, as friendly and as outgoing as I am, that when I get together with likeminded people part of me is sitting there going, "Wow, they do the same things I do! I'm not the only one who writes!" (Or who is a Christian, or whatever). If that's not a sign that it's time to start stepping back into more intentional community, in whatever forms those take, then I don't know what is :)

And tomorrow night fits my mood. We are getting together beforehand to eat some food together, and then we are going to a seminar at the Alfred Hospital (rock on at the hospital, woohoo) which is about Writing Madness. Heh! How suitable :) Psychosis both as a subject of writing, and also writing as written by psychotics. Should be funny. Or maybe not. But these people are a rather eclectic group, many of who drink way too much. Maybe I'll join them :)

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