Nocturne in Sleep Minor

Wednesday 30 April 2008

Woke up at 6am after about 5 and a half hours in the Land of Nod. Which is pretty unhelpful when you're trying to fight off a cold or a flu or whatever it is (it's still hanging but I haven't finished fighting the bastard yet), but it seems the weight of the pyjamas, socks, doona and dressing gown were too heatful to keep me in sleep. So instead, I threw myself over instantly into the Land of Poetry Fragments.

Which is a nice place to be. But just not when it's 6am, dark, and cold. Not even the beginning fragments of that cold blue light that precedes the warmth of the rising sun. Just dark. Started thinking about all the people who get up at 6am, and about how I will never ever be one of them unless it is a component of some future torture. Thought, the only people that should be getting up now are dairy farmers. Nothing else in a civilised world requires people to arise from their beds before the sun.

At least, that's my version of the world, and I'm sticking to it.

So yes. Awash in the land of poetic fragments. Which was nice if it was at, say, 8.46 am or 10.32 pm. Finally got irritated/enthused by the poetic fragments enough to turn on the light and write two of them down. The very last one was probably the nicest, but I purposely let it fly away on the wind, hoping that it would indicate to the Land of Sleep to swing back around again. It did, finally, but not after some deep ponderings about pointless ponderings, until suddenly, the alarm was bleating, super quick, like, in 5 minutes time even though it was more like 2 hours later.

And here I am somewhat stuffed. Terribly tempted to skip going to work so I can catch up and try and beat this cold. Terribly aware that really, going to work involves meandering in on the train, sitting at a computer desk flickering my fingers around, then meandering home on the train. So boring and easy, it can become a meditation with the right sort of point of entry.

The point of entry which comes from having several more hours' sleep. Still, I'm damned if I'm gonna give into this cold just yet. I plan to come out coldless and with a couple of poems to boot (wish I could remember that last one, though).


  1. Feel better!
    Morning is not my favorite - especially WAY early morning.
    I took my daughter to a poetry reading the other night and it was a blast ... very beatnik. You would have loved it!

  2. woke up at 3:00 a.m. this morning myself. yikes. i fought it for awhile and then realized the ponderings of my brain were not going to give up until pen met paper. so, i bundled down to the couch with my journal and wrote about 4 or 5 pages of blather. i haven't looked to see if anything legible popped out or not.

    i hope you remember that last poem. do share when it comes to you!

  3. Dream - hey!! Oooh, yeah, I would have come at the poetry reading. Nice!

    Lucy - unfortunately, the last poem has flown away on the ether. But I remembered 2. I haven't looked at my bits I've written down yet either ... I think I'm worried that there won't be anything worth recovering, or that I won't be able to access those fragments. Hope you sleep better tonight.


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