Ordinary People

Thursday 24 April 2008

I sat on the train this morning, observed from behind my book the peoples (how interesting we are), the beauty in the ordinariness of people. The different shapes and colours of a disparate bunch of people of whom I was in the minority with my white skin. Arabs, undeodorised Indians, Asians. Breathed in the aroma of the ordinary. Looking at the people, the mob, mainly gazing unseeing or despondent out the window of one of the richest countries in the world, and thought, "You have the seeds of yourself within yourself, and they are more beautiful than you could have imagined" (well, I didn't really think that then. I rather felt it, but I think it now and write it so that thee, dear reader, can understand some of what I was feeling seeing there are no widgets I know of to stick 'this is how I felt' patterns on the sidebar of my blog. But here, have a fractal, instead. (A terribly slowly loading fractal, at least here on Samantha. It didn't take this long to load into my head, I must say, even in the morning). This is some kind of ballpark representation of how I felt when I looked at the ordinary people and thought, God loves them and some/most/all of them don't have any idea what that means.

None of us know. We really don't. Maybe dogs know, but even if they do, they don't know they know :) But one day we'll know.

And then Flagstaff Station loomed and yea, I stopped thinking philosophy and went to Capitalist Hell. Light and dark. Deep and dull.

Nobody is happy with how they look and most sit wonky near the edges of their skin, not centred within themselves, with their imperfection. And yet, if we could see the divine in each other we would fall at each other's feet, kiss the hands of lepers. No matter how gorgeous or ugly they or we are.

Sink into my heart, ponderings. Sink in :)


  1. Marvellous post!

    "...most sit wonky near the edges of their skin..." That must be one of the all-time memorable phrases!

    "Passionberry" (the title of the fractal) - well, of all the silly names ;-)

    I love people on trains, too... I used to enjoy travelling on the London Underground, for just that reason. You've given words to a feeling I'd mostly forgotten (in that form, anyway) living out here in the country.

    Thank you, Sue!


  2. Thanks Sue. You have just given me a great send off to work. Talk to ya here on your blog when I return home at 9pm this evening.

  3. reminds me of being on the bus...i have a great story rattling around in my brain about seeing 30+ 8 year olds boarding the bus last week with "seeds of compassion" t-shirts on as they were going to see the dalai lama... lots to ponder! thx.

  4. Hello Lucy :) That sounds like some interesting story :)

  5. I really just want to take these words

    "you have the seeds of yourself within yourself, and they are more beautiful than you could have imagined"

    with me today. Yep, I'm writing them down in my sketchbook.


  6. Cheryl

    How lovely know my words are in your sketchbook :)


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