Good stuff

Sunday 1 June 2008

I feel so good today. I feel returned to my normal frequency, Kenneth. I feel happy. I can feel my heart healing. I can feel things growing beneath the earth. I feel happy ...

... because it's sunny outside for the first day of Winter, and I'm confident that this Winter will be much better health-wise than the last.

... because I've been drawing stuff.

... because I'm gonna grow my own veggies.

... because I'm tidying stuff.

... because music is.

... because poetry and writing and art and nature is.

... because God is.

... because I is.

... because you is.

... because I have a to-do list, and on that to-do list is things like "burn CDs" and that list has been going down for weeks and today I am burning CDs and doing dishes and going food shopping and cooking and watching a movie and watching Compass and writing a bit of my personal essay due Friday and gearing up to write my academic essay due the following Friday.

... because tomorrow is my art therapy class and even though it scares me gee I love doing this.

... because yesterday I saw my ex and when I told him how I feel like finally, after being ill and getting well and breaking up with him, finally I can feel my heart healing, and he clapped his hands and was happy for me and I thought, "If he had been mean about all of this I think some of my heart would have died, but instead, some of it has grown a bit more, which is weird." And I'm happy because he is happy, and he is just really full-on in lurve (which feels weird, you understand, but my happiness for him far exceeds the surreality. Anyway, sometimes it feels surreal just walking down the street, or making porridge).

... because I saw my friend Jane last night and we ate her yummy spinnach and fetta pie and I'm grateful that she is my friend.

... just because. I'm happy just because.


  1. wasn't it the most awesomely great first day of winter!?!

    glad to hear you're happy with all that good stuff

  2. Kel - it was beautiful. And then tonight, really foggy. Foggy nights are ... well, kinda raunchy :) I know we need rain, but if it's not gonna rain it may as well shine :)

    Kent - yes, it is :)

  3. Yay you're on the uphill towards summer again! Hang in there, it's just around the corner. Soon it will be Christmas again and I'll be whining to you about our short days while you bask in the sunshine.

  4. Lucy - yeah :) Yeah!!!!!!

    Erin - that's a very positive spin to put on it considering we haven't reached the shortest day of the year yet. But that's some time next week or the week after - and so far I'm just breezing through this Winter thing (we are only days in though, so give me time :) But still, it doesn't feel as difficult this year now my health has improved. Cool, huh?

    ENJOY SUMMER!!!!!! I hope you're enjoying those l-o-n-g days. Don't you love the feeling?


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