A market ...

Sunday 4 May 2008

... for blow-up seals, perhaps. Or seal jails. Or seal rehabilitation programs. Or seal hell. Or teeny tiny little penguin chastity belts.

'Sex pest' seal attacks penguin

Pic: PJN DeBruyn, University of Pretoria

Pick on someone your own size, you great bloody dope.

My dog has this thing where he bunches the doona up in a big pile, and then tries to hump it. Looks most unsatisfying and he loses interest very quickly, after he's put little holes in the doona so all the feathers fly out when I change the cover.

I knew a guy that tried to have sex with a vacuum cleaner hose once. See, it covers all the species, really.

(Oh, and the penguin was okay. But after 45 minutes of that, probably needed some chiropractic care).


  1. That's why I could never be a scientist. It would never occur to me to photograph this event. I would be over there trying to rescue the poor penguin.

  2. Yes, I thought that too, Tina. Poor penguin.


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