Six Word Memoir Tag Block

Monday, 12 May 2008

I got tagged for this meme by Erin six days ago, to write the title to my memoir using 6 words. Then Jennifer tagged me the day after. And now Abmo has just tagged me again.

And you know what? I haven't got a goddamn clue. Maye that's it. I Haven't Got a Goddamn Clue :)

I don't know and of course it's my punishment that I am blocked because I'm trying to come up with something witty so you can all go, aw, shucks, that Sue, isn't she a doozy? And instead God is going, Heh! Your desire for compliments is inflating at a rate of knots. Here, have nothing.

Heh :)


  1. I am having the same freaking problem!! Cynthia tagged me days and days ago, and my desire for the same crap is my stumbling block. Maybe that should be my title - I Have the Same Freaking Problem!!

  2. Hah! Too funny :)

    You were quick to notice those six words you could possibly have chosen, now you can feel justly complimented in a sincere but quirky way.

  3. Ok, so where is it?? ;)

  4. How about

    "Creepy on purpose. Now go away."


  5. Jennifer and Andi - I think those six words seriously are it. I can't play. I am packing up my bat and ball and not playing :)

    Erin - okay, well, I guess I can get a bit of a Greta Garbo "I just want to be alone" going with the best of them, but maybe that's carrying it a bit too far. Still, I kinda like it. Maybe that could be a chapter or 7 in the memoir :)

  6. Tina - good tagline :) (Although I guess neither of ours would muster up anyone's desire to read our stories, would they :)


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