Tuesday 3 June 2008

I worked with clay yesterday. Began making this sculpture that I have kind of fallen in love with. I can't wait to work on it again next time.

Ooooh, I love working with clay.

"I think you've found your medium," Maggie said.

I resonate with the whole damn thing, the punching out of the air beforehand so that you feel like you have immersed yourself in this portion of clay before you even start shaping it. The feel of it, the squishy way it requires you to mould yourself into it as you're working it. The way it unfolded itself as I began to shape God knew what. The meditative practice of shaping and sculpting and the time-consuming-and-enfolding nature of it. Our art therapy session went over the allotted two-hour time. Shite.

Then I went and ate dinner at my favourite cousin's house. She rocks. We laughed. And yea, it was good.

Today I feel all dreamy. I am running even later than I usually am. Partly that is because I have had less than 7 hours sleep and I need something closer to 9. Partly because I feel all dreamy.

Clay. I love it. Knew that I would.


  1. "Ooooh, I love working with clay"

    So what's his last name?

    All kidding aside, that is very cool. I don't do well with clay, then again, I don't do well with any art, really.

    That's cool that you enjoyed it so much.

  2. sounds biblical to me. way cool!!!

  3. Erin - heh! What sort of a name is Clay anyway? (It's very American, I know that much - I don't know anyone called Clay, although I do know someone called Clayton. Is that what Clay is short for?

    I tell you what, playing with that clay was almost as good as a man ... well, not really, but sheesh, there's something terribly raunchy about the whole thing :)

    Lucy - I was thinking biblical things while I was working with this stuff. It feels very ... well, grounding and earthy for me, working with clay ;) Duh :)

  4. Hmmm, you like a medium where you can manipulate and shape things to be what you want them to be, and smash what doesn't look good?

    Have you considered a job in the ministry?

    *ducking and running*

  5. LOL! So cynical, but so funny :)

  6. Tyler Dawn - That's better than working with pencils where she could simply erase the heretics.

  7. Yeah, and this way I can burn them, too - turn the kiln up and let them fry in there forever :)

  8. Well, don't let them fry forever, consider it purgatory, or maybe like the Spanish Inquisition, keep them in there until they repent ;)

    Then paint them and make them look good so we can send them to pottery heaven.

  9. Hehe :)

    Pottery heaven. That sounds pretty boring and bland, doesn't it? I get visions of nice little bits of pottery all lined up sitting on the shelf.

  10. i remember my first transpersonal session with clay

    my reaction was very similar to yours

    there is something very sensual about all that squishy kneading, shaping and creating ;0

    and there is something very grounding about clay work, something very earthy

  11. Kel, do you still work (play) with clay? It is totally sensual, totally squishy, totally grounding, totally earthy :)


    When I finish my art therapy I am going to be investigating further :)


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