Happy birthday, dawg

Sunday 15 June 2008

Happy birthday to Abbess Petunia, aka Tune, who has as her pet Christine from Abbey of the Arts.

Tune sure knows how to sleep with all of her being. Those animals - they just know how to be themselves, don't they?

Imagine a world of people who were all fully themselves (it's a promise). If it were possible, we would all be tempted to bow down and worship each other.


  1. Tune is napping as I type, but wanted me to tell you thank you for her. She has been reveling in the birthday wishes and finally thinks there may be something worthwhile to all this time I spend on the computer blogging. :-)

  2. Well, I hope she got a steak for her birthday! :) (that's what my ex used to do for his dog - cook her up a steak for her birthday, hehe :)

    I just love this photo SO MUCH! Thank you for taking it, it's quite amazing - the colours, the light.

    But the floppy jowl - that's the best bit :)

  3. The floppy jowl with just the hint of snaggletooth is my favorite bit too. :-)


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