Hear Me Roar

Sunday 8 June 2008

Tess posted a poem several days ago that resonated with me so. I just came across it again, resonating with Lucy as she created some visual journal pieces as inspiration, that I have reproduced here without any permission at all :) Chicks rock.

The Woman in the Ordinary

The woman in the ordinary pudgy downcast girl
is crouching with eyes and muscles clenched.
Round and pebble smooth she effaces herself
under ripples of conversation and debate.
The woman in the block of ivory soap
has massive thighs that neigh,
great breasts that blare and strong arms that trumpet.
The woman of the golden fleece
laughs uproariously from the belly
inside the girl who imitates
a Christmas card virgin with glued hands,
who fishes for herself in others’ eyes,
who stoops and creeps to make herself smaller.
In her bottled up is a woman peppery as curry,
a yam of a woman of butter and brass,
compounded of acid and sweet like a pineapple,
like a handgrenade set to explode,
like goldenrod ready to bloom.

by Marge Piercy

Here's to us chicks rising up on the wings that God gave us, not hampered and restricted by the blerty blerty crap crap poo places we've been constricted into by the past, by rigidity, by tradition and by fear.

Yes, I'm still wearing a bra :)


  1. Thanks for the poem and thanks for the bra update. Yes, indeed, Chicks do rock!

    I dig the new look.

  2. Hey Chris. Thanks.

    Chicks do rock. Even without boobies, we would still rock.

    But boobies are cool and just add that extra something.

  3. Boobies are REALLY cool when we are breastfeeding.

  4. The movement expands! (That's not the boobie movement, you understand...)

  5. oh you dear delightful wonderful little thief...glad to see my collages resonated :-)


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