I keep forgetting

Friday 27 June 2008

I keep forgetting who I am. Not who I think I am or who the mindmonkeys or TVjabberers say. I keep forgetting who I am, I am. I need to get outside to walk.

I am always amazed at how I knew I desperately needed to be here because I was wilting, and yet once I'm here I know I underestimated the need. It's like I walked away from the mirror and forgot the earth as soon as I walked away.

I keep forgetting who I am and then I come and here I am. Amongst the tall fluffy rushes of the Maribyrnong River, I hear myself when the wind rustles through the stems, and the joy is sharp intensity.

The older I get the more I seep into the landscape around me, in preparation for the day I will seep into the earth with a sigh (except for clause 38.6(h)(1), bury me standing up with nothing between me and the ground).

Today, today when I see the gum tree I cry, and I don't know why I am crying.


  1. Trees will do that to you. Trust me, I know.

  2. When you forget you are just look in your sidebar. thats what they are there for:)

  3. Erin. I like people who like trees. They're just eminently trustable.

    But then, I like people who like dogs too for the same reasons. But Adolf Hitler loved his dog. So there goes my theory. But you, you're alright.

    Monk. You, you're alright too. But your suggeston is no help. All there is in my sidebar is Tourette's and confusion.


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