Mixed messages

Friday 13 June 2008

Dear Pretty Baby,

I don't believe him. I just don't. Yes, yes, I know on the one hand he's telling you he wants to be yours and yours alone, and he's doing that thing with his eyes while he's saying it. But listen, girl. In the next breath he is here to tell you, honey, that he is bad to the bone. He's not sticking around, Pretty Baby. He may sound like he's going to, but he's already told you in verse 1 how not only has he broken a thousand hearts before you, but he's only halfway through. He's got another thousand to go.

Yours and yours alone, yes. Until he starts bonking your mother. Wake up to yourself, Pretty Baby.

(Aside: George Thorogood must be singing about someone else here, 'cause seriously, I don't think he's got the goods to make royalty deflate and chicks everywhere show him their tits and lose all their self-esteem. Maybe it's just me.)


  1. your on a roll


  2. well, I didn't realize I was signed in under my daughter Samantha. So that was me, not Sammy

  3. That would have added to the weirdness had that really been my 12 year old wouldn't it have?

  4. That has to be in the list of top 10 stupidest songs ever.

    And yet, it's played on some radio station somewhere in the world every day.

  5. Ah, yes, Kent that would have been pretty weird if your 12 year old had written that, heh :)

    Erin - now that's incongruous, isn't it? I wonder how often Milli Vanilli are played around the world? Surely someone somewhere would still play them? Or, like, Renee and Renato. I wonder if anyone is playing them?

    It is a stupidly stupid song, but it's fun deciphering hte lyrics. My cousin was reading aloud to me from a book a few weeks ago that was deciphering song lyrics. I thoguht I'd start my own :)

  6. Hey Kent, I just had a look at the youtube link (I couldn't look earlier as I was at work).

    How cool are they :) She wants the whole enchilada.

    I could go a couple of enchiladas.


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