Sounds good to me part II

Saturday 21 June 2008

Mike is in a blogging frenzy this morning (his time) in damp Dorset. This quote, from his friend (I hope his friend doesn't mind me reposting it here) just resonated so much with me:

God plants his dream in a person's heart and then moulds the person to fit the dream. Even though the moulding process seems to contradict the promise, the day comes when God moves the prepared person into his prepared place... and the dream becomes a reality.

Of course it's like that. But I have so many little dreams going on, and some days I doubt that any of them will come to pass, especially when I look at myself and start thinking stuff about how much I need to change and grow and be different to achieve what I want to achieve ... and this brings me back with not even a thud but a gentle, graceful landing into Now, and into whatever is going on in front of me. Wonderful stuff, Mike's friend! Thanks.


  1. Sue, how would you describe dreams? Not what your dreams are specifically, but how do you look at dreams in this context? And especially when we begin to think about it in the context of God and what his dreams for us might be.

    Go ahead and slap me if you want...I was just wondering :)

    The reason I ask is that once I began to think in different ways about in living with expectancy...the way I used to think about my dreams and hopes changed a lot. I was wondering if you are experiencing any changes with all of that?

  2. Why would I slap you? :)

    Hmmm, interesting questions. Well, many of them are kinda intangible things. Some of them are so inconsequential that I don't even know if I could put them into words. Some, theyre like more a colour or a shape or a texture than an actual physical tangible thing. Which sounds crazy, I know :) And some are very concrete indeed. But I guess the way I look at them now is that I don't feel like I need to look at them and where they are, and then look at me, and then start formulating a 100 point plan to get there. Some of them, I wouldn't even know where to begin, you know? They don't feel so much like things I have to effect myself, and yet I am the narrator of them, I'm the one who has to do the hard work of walking into what I am seeing, but I'm not the author per se of them.

    I'd be interested to hear what you think about all of this.

  3. The slap comment was because this is another one of those things I find to be very vague and difficult to explain without being misunderstood.

    Here is what the change from living with expectaions to living with expectancing has at least done to me at this time. I have no concrete dreams per se. I have things in my mind that are attractive ideas but I have no way of determining if these are dreams God has placed there or if they are just things I think are good ideas. So for the first time in my life I do feel like I am free to wake up every morning with a clean slate and say...what are you up to God...and be free to respond to whatever comes. When I was living with dreams I wanted to see fulfilled my mind was always so occupied with the things I had to do to make them happen.

    Does that make sense?

  4. Hey, that is really very cool, Kent :) That must be a big change going from having goals or whatever, and now not even having anything concrete :)

    When I hear people formulating goals and all of that stuff, it kind of bores me, actually. I mean, I can understand people doing it and sometimes on the unknowing journey you get nudges about things you may be needing to do to get to wherever it is you're heading to next. But those people that "make it happen!" and all that rah rah pompom stuff - yikes, how incredibly boring!

    Much better to just come across it and realise that in some way you've always dreamt of this. That's a WAY cooler way to go about it :)

  5. "Much better to just come across it and realise that in some way you've always dreamt of this." Indeed! Very much cooler!

    And I'm sure Rosemary won't mind at all if she reads this...

    Sorry - didn't mean to interrupt you and Kent - carry on, folks, don't mind me...


  6. Not at all. The more the merrier :)


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