Friday 6 June 2008

Thank God it's Friday. Starting next week, I will be working four days a week. Which may not sound much to those of you with large full plates, but for me ... well, it could kinda get me down if I think about it too much. So instead, today, I am just thinking, thank God it's Friday!! (And planning on doing a whole lot more meditation so that I can stay in the moment rather than looking at the looming four days in grey beginning next week).

I am conscious this morning of the need to feed and water the fun stuff I've developed in greater parts in my life over the past year. The creative stuff that inspires me. Greater creative expression brings with it greater restlessness when I don't get to indulge it. These days, if I'm not doing something creative every single day, I start getting as off centre as my body is feeling contemplating this morning's overdue chiropractic appointment (thank God for chiropractic care).

Today I am off to visit my dear old mother, to eat stuff in her fridge, to walk my dog with her hopefully (no exercise for four days - thank God it's Friday and I can walk off some cobwebs). This weekend I'm going to do some more writing, to hopefully write some poetry (I feel it all swirling around up there but there is some kind of poetic constipation going on in my head at the moment), to draw. My hands are itching to mould some more of my sculpture but that must wait until Monday week. Thank God for the time and inclination to be creative.

I just want to sink my toes into whatever I'm doing, to touch it, smell it, look at it from different angles. To just enjoy being in the world because it's not a bloody office.

Thank God it's Friday :)

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