Freedom of Choice

Monday 7 July 2008

Is what you think you want. But in the end it just gives you a major stress attack.

My landlord is moving out of his house and moving in with his fiance. We have been sharing a cable connection the whole time I have been here, which has worked out cheaper. But it's meant using wireless. I don't like wireless. I feel like I can feel the interference. Perhaps it's just some weird leftover sensitivity thing from being sick, but I get affected by stuff like that in the same way that I can feel this low-level feeling from people using mobile phones. When I use my handheld wireless home phone for too long, I get a headache. When I am in hte middle of the bush and there is no mobile phone stuff and no electricity, I can feel the difference. Can you, or is it just me? I think perhaps I am overly sensitive to this stuff, and so now I've got the opportunity to have some of the nasty little electrical stuff bound up within a cable, I'm going to go with it.

But boy, oh, boy. The choice. Cable or ADSL. ADSL or ADSL 2? VOIP or landline? Yada or yada? Blah or blah?

Bells or whistles? And keep in mind, if you don't get X and Y, then maybe that means you're a loser 'cause everyone else has X and Y on their plan. What would it say about you if you just got something vaguely simple and reasonably cheap? Would you perhaps be able to sustain your identity in some other way than making sure you've got a "good" broadband plan?

I think so. I think I'm so not interested in playing the game anymore. I think I just wanna be able to get online, and I really don't need 186,000 GB downloads a month, and I don't need yada and yada and yada. Because even if I am on the most basic basic basic plan which costs about $20 a month, that is still more than some people earn from backbreaking labour in months and months. Just so I can be on here and look at you, and you look at me, dear reader.

Them's the only sorts of comparisons I'm interested in these days. The ones where I look at the poorest of the poor and think any kind of contortions on my part over feeding into this sick, sick system is a contortion I am unwilling to bend myself into.


  1. I know what you're saying, and I bow have "Freedom of Choice" in my know how the dog licks one bone and then another and then drops dead from confusion? haha anyway I'll stop crapping on now.
    If you go for the cheapest plan you may end up not being able to use it for half the month because you'll use up all your d/l allowance..then you get dropped back to such a slow speed it's not worth getting on at all.
    So it is worth looking around a bit. ommmmmmmmmm

  2. That's me, I'm licking one bone and then another and another and then I've got 148 fucking pages open with different plans and then and then and then and thenand then I fucking exploded and my head blew off and now I don't need a plan anyway cos I'm dead.


  3. Hi Sue,

    Give the plan search gizmo at a whirl if you haven't already.

    Feel free to give me a yell with any questions too. :)

  4. Geday there John. thanks for that. I did actually use it, but then ended up going with a naked dsl plan anyway. Through GoTalk, costing me 50 bucks a month for 3 gig peak downloads (just me using it, and I don't download movies or anything so no probs there) and phone line as well. Bonus.

    (Just the 24 month contract though, so I feel like I'm getting married to a telecommunciations company)


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