The Perseverence of Love

Saturday 5 July 2008

Even if Adam and Eve had never sinned, Christ would have been sacrificed before the world began. The sacrifice took place for the purpose of relationship and it just happened to atone for sin later on. The atonement for sin that later came about because of the sacrifice is evidence of perseverence through death. This is why God will persevere with you for all eternity. He has already died to Himself.

Darrin Hufford, The God's Honest Truth


  1. Sue, isn't it amazing and sad that this has been missed for so long? It's been there in plain view in scripture all along and we allowed fear to create such a fog to where we couldn't see it.

  2. I tend to think that the distortion came about as soon as following Christ turned into Christianity turned into Christendom. Not that I want to be thrown to lions and killed, but whatever it means to live on the edges of the culture, that's where we need to be. Or else it gets co-opted by the beast structures, and then you have the delightful little fuck-up we have today, pardon my French.

    :) But lots of eyes are opening. It's been coming for a long time, years and years and years. But yes, it is definitely amazing and sad it's been missed for so long :(

  3. I think the fog clears at different times and moments for all of us, as Annie Dillard says, when God shows you an edge of himself. As you say sue, its usually on the edge of the edges. Or it pushes you to the edges, which is strange in itself. imagine a persevereing love that pushes you not into a nice comfortable life, but to the edges and margins of things:) Doesnt make sense.

    Does my head in

  4. Yeah, monk, totally counterintuitive, isn't it. Does my head in too. And then makes my heart sing.

    God's just weird, and there's no two ways about it :)

  5. WOW-- this is so deep, i need to chew on it for a while. But it's very late and I really should be in bed...

  6. Go to bed! :) (I'm sure you are by now, so ... good morning, Manuela!) There was a whole lot of stuff in the chapter beforehand that explains in more detail what he says here, so I hope this small snippet made sense. It's a good book, BTW.


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