Drinking cloud

Sunday 17 August 2008

Sometimes when I am relaxed, the most mundane of things appear as meditation, as prayer. The way I walk, the centreing of myself within my own body, the way I breathe. The awareness of the breath going in, going out. It feels like light going into my body.

At those special kinds of times, everything is so beautifully simple, and every moment feels full with the seeds of symphonies. The pouring of a cup of tea evokes the anticipation of the brew drunk, and the memory of all the times drank before, the shared cups with friends. The ritual of it all.

Or like Thich Nhat Hanh said it ~ like this:

When I drink tea it’s very pleasant to be aware I am drinking cloud.”

Or how Kim says it ~ like this: The Tea Party


  1. my favorite...beauty in the "mundane"! is there really such a thing as mundane?

    sugar with your tea, madame?

  2. the making of tea is a lovely ritual - and i can't wait till we can unpack all our stuff in storage cos it includes my teapot collection - yay!


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