Flat Olive

Saturday 16 August 2008

I'm stressing a bit today over silly things. It always happens when I'm unwell. I got a flat tyre the other night. It's been sitting there now for two days while I try to gear myself up to go and change it. I'm putting it off because I don't feel well, and I haven't changed a tyre in years, and I'm worried I won't be able to get the nuts off, and worried that I will go to put my spare on and realise that it's flat as well because I'm hopeless and don't look after my car. And then I'm worried I will cry in the driveway and look like a fool. And so you will agree, it's best I just stay inside and blog about it instead :)

My neighbour, one of the new blokes who has recently moved into my landlord's house, just came and knocked on my door and handed me his car key. Said he will need his car to go out tomorrow night but until then to feel free to use the car. Gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling, it did. Isn't that nice?

Neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours :)


  1. A neighbour, eh? Sounds more like an angel - to me.

    If I was in Melbourne you can be assured that I would help you change that tyre - since I'm not, well ... quite simply then - I can't, help you.

    Blogging will not change that type!!! I am sure Olive will be very happy to be back on the road, again - it's what cars do best, plus contribute to ecological armageddon.

  2. Maybe your nice neighbor will help you change the bugger.

    And you're not alone...I worry with fright about needing to do that someday...I've always had a daddy and brothers and a husband...and one day soon, sons to do it for me. So I'm chicken. Same with mowing the lawn. I'm a wuss.

    Then again, I'm the only one in the house who will change the catbox, so I guess it just depends.

  3. Mork - aww, thank you :) Olive can stay there until I feel better. Then I shall attempt to change it myself, because really, it's not all that hard. And I hate asking for help :)

    Erin - I barely know my neighbour. I have enough problems asking friends and family for help let alone people I don't know. I shall do it myself *she said, donkey-ishly*

  4. what a nice thing for him to do! Poor old Olive :(

  5. You know him well enough that he will lend you his car, but not well enough to ask him to help change a flat? Am I missing something here?

  6. Andi - Everyone says "poor old" when they're referring to Olive these days. I think it's the rusty dents in her bum, the skanky layers of dust on her, the wrappers all over the floor. Poor old Olive :)

    Erin - well, see, I've said a couple of handfuls of words to this guy. This is the third time I've ever seen him in my life and one of those was to wave. It was really lovely that he lent me his keys, but he offered them without asking. To actually go a step further and ask him to change my tyre? No way :)

  7. You can do it sweetie, if anyone can, you can. Just go online and find some instructions and print them out and do it

    maybe some hunky single out of church kinda guy will walk by and help you out :D

  8. Yeah. Right. Maybe I'd tell him to bugger off and I'll do it myself :)

    Actually, the other guy in the house, who I've only said ONE handful of words to, has offered to help change it for me. Noice :)


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