Is This One of the Worst Songs Ever?

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Even funnier are the comments on YouTube. What is wrong with people?

One person says she's gonna sing it at her grandma's funeral. Yeah. I'm sure her grandma would be wrapt knowing her granddaughter's gonna be singing this crap tripe about how she's bonked kings and priests and stuff. Righteo then.

Here are some more comments from another copy of this song on YouTube (here if you want to read along):

Susiewoose said: "What is wrong with you people? Are you insane? This is the most pathetic drivel EVER WRITTEN!! In my Top 10 crap songs ever"

That was me, haha. Being a nice, accepting Christian girl. But come on, I reckon anyone who loves this song should be sent to hell for 20 years as punsihment)

Pineapplething said: "Oh god i use to cry everytime i heard this as a kid but now she seems like a slut but love the song. "

Nite30889 said: "I have Been to Paradise, I have dined with the Prince of Litchenstine, gone down the canel with a lover in Venice in a gondala, and been best friends with on of the most famous hall of fame singers from 1963 who had the number one hit in the nation that year. He died last year... and Yes I have BEEN to Paradise but I'll never stop loving or missing you Dale...Love, Susan"

Oh dear, Susan. Move on dear.

Hubbelgardner said: "t'was a dogturd then and tis a dogturd now."

j102h3n4n5y said: "I've been to Greece,where I ate a kebab on a chair,I've been undressed by strange men in a dark room and I've seen some things that made my toes curl! Hey baby,I've been to Sainsburys,but I've never been to me...I think I prefer her version."

erdumdumihovedet007 said: "i'm cryin'.. don't now why? love this song:')"

procommenter said: "She was undressed by kings while on vacation in Georgia & California."

lostintimeline said: "maybe the kings visited california and they saw her at the street and they wanted to undress her LOL i mean anything is possible in this life.havent you seen the TWILIGHT ZONE? lol

cloudbusting98 said: "This would have to be one of the worst songs ever written hah! the lyrics are terrible and usually make me want to throw up ;) Especially the talking part, syrupy "Thats truth, thats love" quick grab a bucket!!! haha"

That's my cousin :)



  1. I hurled, shame on you for wasting my lunch and now I have to clean the carpet. I think that was the biggest croc of self-absorbed garbage I have ever heard. I'd rather to go church at Westboro baptist than ever hear it again.... well, maybe it wasn't THAT bad. Suddenly I want to kill myself in order to erase the memory.

    Maybe she's never "been to me" but it sounds like everyone else has....

  2. In the 6th grade I had a K-Tel compilation album that I played until it broke. This was the line up:

    Lindsey Buckingham - Trouble
    Journey - Open Arms
    Rick Springfield - Don't Talk to Strangers
    Donnie Iris - My Girl
    Paul Davis - '65 Love Affair
    Charlene - I've Never Been to Me
    Le Roux - Nobody Said it was Easy
    Eddie Rabbitt - Someone Could Lose a Heart Tonight
    ABBA - When All is Said and Done
    Quincy Jones with James Ingram - One Hundred Ways
    Little River Band - Take it Easy on Me
    George Benson - Turn Your Love Around
    Air Supply - Sweet Dreams
    Barry Manilow - Somewhere Down the Road
    Greg Guidry - Goin' Down

    When I was 12, this song was one of my very favorites. But you're right, it is drivel.

  3. Okay, I am laughing my fool head off!!! I thought it was a joke at first.

    Know what her problem is? She should have been with the son of the preacher man instead of the preacher man. ;)

  4. Tyler - sorry for the trauma I just inflicted on you :) The bit in the middle is that what made you hurl? "The same man you're going to make love to tonight" - hurl.

    Erin - wow. That's your musical confession. Shame shame shame shame ;) K-Tel compilation albums :) Noice :) So Donnie Iris did other stuff after Ah! Leah! (one of my favourite songs). Good for him. George Benson gives me a creepy feeling.

    Tina - yes! Absolutely! Thanks for tuning in Radio Susie for the day to one of my favourite songs :)

  5. LOL the son of a preacher man! Yep! ;-)

    My musical confession is that I listened to Open Arms about a billion times in the 6th grase (age 12)while having a fantasy love affair with a boy in my class. I think it was my first real heavy crush. His name was Luis. He was sooo cute.

    My other confession is in Don't Talk to Strangers...I know what he says in French. Sigh. Shame, shame.

    Yes, those damned K-Tel compilations. Should've just shot me and put me out of my misery.

  6. Into every life a little schlock must fall. I LOVED the comment which parodied the song.

  7. First time I see your new blog design -- mindblowing! love it!

  8. Erin - aww, Luis. What a lovely song to sing a billion times :) I had a bit of a crush on Alex Dolinko in grade 6 but I don't remember singing anything about him. Sounds like you had it bad :)

    What does the French say in Don't Talk to Strangers? LOL, I can hear it in my head. Gee, you're really busting forth on the confessions, ain't ya :)

    Barbara - yeah, I loved that comment too :) I love this design too - I wish I had designed it myself but I don't know html well enough. This one is pilfered from someone else so I didn't have to :)

  9. Loved your new look blog! That was until I noticed Charlene's smuggy puggy face on it!!!

  10. Do you really want to know what he says?

    Fais l'amour avec moi
    Viens dormir, mon amour
    Je t'aime donne moi ton coeur ce soir.

    You can look it up here, but I knew because I used to be fluent in french...a bit out of practice these days, been 18 years since I've had any practical application.

  11. Okay, I linked to your blog and posted my own bad song, and erin has done the same, but I don't know how to link in a comment yet!!

  12. Andi - did you notice that where the video is positioned, Charlene looks a bit like Bwian?

    Erin - thanks for that. I feel like one small piece of the life puzzle has been solved ;)

    Tyler: if you want to link in a comment, type before the url, and then after the url type and then voila! Thou shalt have thine very own link.

  13. Are you being sarcastic with me? Here I was trying to do something really nice so you would never lose any sleep over that song again, because I know it's a problem for you. The song is an important part of music history and I thought you would appreciate it.

    The thanks I get. Sheesh.


    Sorry, couldn't resist sharing some of my own sarcasm.

  14. I just realised that giving html directions in a comment doesn't work because it doesn't make any sense. what I meant tyler was you type in "" then the url, then "" afterwards, but without the quotes.

    That might not make any sense :)

    Erin - thank you. thank you so very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much :P

  15. It still didn't work, Sue, but that's OK, I e-mailed Tyler with some pointers.

    I'm going to try an experiment here:

    <a href="">Erin</a>

  16. more thing for you not to lose sleep over anymore...

    to post code in a comment one must substitute:

    < for <
    > for >
    $quot; for "

    and there you have it.

  17. OOps. More automatic translation there...

    OK once again, but no spaces after the & or before the ;

    & lt ; for <

    & gt ; for >

    & quot ; for "

  18. I'm sure that just makes a ton of sense to you...but nonetheless it works.

  19. Well, I will try it sometime soon and see, probably on apples to apples.


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