Musical remembrances

Wednesday 27 August 2008

I listened to Sirocco by Australian Crawl the other day. Released in 1981, I'm pretty sure I heard this disc rotating several times on the turntable of Andrea's friend, Nadia. It took me straight back to that time and place when I heard a few long-forgotten songs, and Nadia popped into my head even though I have no conscious recollection of hearing it with her.

Later that same day, Even Now by Bob Seger came into my head. That song came out in '82. I loved it then and even though I love it now, I'd forgotten all about it. Andrea and I stood like a couple of dopeheads in her backyard on Monday evening, after I mentioned that song, and got off on the amazing feeling that is recovering a memory :) It's very exciting to me when that happens. It feels as if when the memory comes up, it brings a piece of myself with it, like a clump, a mixed together grouping of feelings and sensations and colours. It's so cool. It's like taking drugs without the unpleasant side effects :)


  1. i just spent about six weeks saturating myself in that feeling. listening to all of the oldest music i still own, as well as spending a little too much money on reclaiming songs long lost.

    since i no longer live in the same city, or with the same people, or wear the same clothes, or have the same friends, etc. i realized that the only thing i have left to connect me to the older times in my life is the music. and i LOVE the ability music has to instantly transport you back in time to the "feeling" that a certain period of your life held, bringing long forgotten memories with it.

    we are on the same page with this one...

  2. Yeah, music is just an AMAZING gift, isn't it?


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