Poo Shit Bum

Monday 11 August 2008

Yesterday I closed my mobile phone in my car door. As you do. If I got closed in a car door, my LCD display would stop working too, I guess. All except a pretty little millimetre-wide streak that ran up the screen. Cactus.

As I drove to the mobile phone place this morning, I was thinking, "Right. I'm gonna get this one fixed. They may try to sway me with a new phone, keep the consumerism whirling. Don't give in, Susie. Stand firm. Get it fixed even though it's going to cost you money. Do it."

The man in the shop showed me a lovely new phone that would only cost me $14 extra a month. Now I can't quite bring myself to throw the old phone in the bin. Looking at it, lying in amongst the vegetable peelings, will be evidence that I have been sucked yet again into the jaws of the consumerism monster.

Gee, nice phone, but.


  1. I *love* how that happens. It never fails when I am going to get something fixed or buy something cheap, I always get suckered into the "only $14 more a month".

    Sigh. Poo shit bum.

  2. Sigh indeed.

    But gee, nice phone ;)

  3. I am proud to say that I have only owned 3 mobiles in my life. And of those, 2 were hand me downs from friends who had moved onto bigger and better things:)

    Pretty fucked how we have bought into the BS that your phone is an indication of your worth as a person. We dont believe it really, but still "buy the lie."

  4. Monk - that is quite impressive in this day and age. I have 3 mobile phones sitting in my house right now, I am ashamed to say :(

    You know, when I was in the shop yesterday and decided to get another phone, mainly it was out of laziness. I could take a new phone home right now, or I could book my old phone in and then have to go back and pick it up. So I signed up for a new phone, which will take me 2 years to pay off. On top of that, there was this little niggly voice inside that was thinking, "Ooh. Nice phone" - and it was all to do, I really hate and despise to say it, with that whole image and worth thing and I fucking HATE to admit that, but it's true :(

  5. I get a new phone every two years, honestly because they make crap today and it wears out.

  6. remember the scene from the Terminator (no 1) when he was crushed? - well, I thought he had died (well, what ever machines do) but then the red light came on when he switched to secondary power - YOU!!! might be responsiblefor terminating a perfectly good mobile if you throw it away - get it fixed, let it live on.

    BTW - I have NEVER owned a Mobile!!! says me - smuggly.

  7. Well I'll be honest and say I love having a new phone..I love clear, colourful screens, better music, more bells and whistles and bits that you'll never know what to do with. Pfft!
    Why is it such a big deal to own a mobile phone? (n or to never have owned one)I love knowing that if I break down in the car with my children I dont have to walk miles to a phonebox, thats enough for me ;)

  8. Mork - you're a tripper :)

    Andi - you're a bells and whistles gal, aren't ya :)

  9. Andi, the problem for me isn't so much owning a phone, it's how every person in the Western world ends up owning 14 in their life - and where does all that old technology go? It's just not sustainable, you know?

    I'm sure Buddha would agree



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