Before Now

Thursday 18 September 2008

Okay, Jon, this movie is messing with my head :) The comments on YouTube are just as interesting sometimes as the portions of Waking Life movie chunk they're talking about.

I can understand why some people think that at some times this ventures into psychobabble. I can understand how some people would think all of it is psychobabble, but all that means is that the ride is not for them, as far as I am concerned. Luckily there's more than one ride at the fair. I guess it's just how much you want to think and ponder stuff. It can all get too much, definitely. I think and ponder stuff so much that this is not too much for me. Except for those days when I'm so sick of thinking that all our surmisings seem like self-absorbed psychobabble wank - as pointless as dancing to architecture (thank you Brian Mannix for that thought, thrown up like a dead fish from the 1980s).

I did a few Philosophy subjects at uni when I first began this degree way back in the Paleolithic era in 1998. Blew my mind. Got me excited. To sit in a room with a group of people throwing this stuff backwards and forwards - was like swimming in an ocean of 75% dark chocolate. I have toyed with the idea the last few years of going to a Socratic dinner, but that time isn't rght for me yet. Maybe some time in the future. I don't quite trust my mind to stay on track enough to indulge in philosophising in shared company for several hours without muddling or getting performance anxiety, but we shall see :)

Been thinking about the lines between things. About how the best kind of philosophy can lead into psychobabble. About how the best kind of art can lead to pretentious bullshit. Seems to be the process of things, this shelf life of certain expressions. Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe the new wineskins just need to keep coming.

Anyway, I loved this part too of this movie. Because Before Sunrise is one of my favourite movies ever. And I didn't realise until before that Richard Linklater is involved with both, but the internet makes five minute experts of us all, doesn't it :)

I have had far too little sleep. Got myself all excited about thoughts and concepts and reality and time at midnight. Kept me awake and up like caffeine and viagra :)

Why does one eternal soul have to be an "ego thing"? :)


  1. Sue, have you watch What The Bleep do we know?

    You can see a lot of it on youtube. It's pretty cool also.

  2. Ooh, this looks good too! I've got about 3 hours of YouTubing at the moment.

    I feel sorry for the people stuck in paradigms, whether they be 'religious' or scientific. Because the pondering about science is very sexy :)

  3. glad to help bake your brain.

    i was surprised to see julie and ethan reprising what seems to be their roles in before sunrise.

    i have only seen bits and pieces of what the bleep do we know?. i remember enjoying it very much and just marveling at the possibilities.

    i think possibilities are sexy. :)

  4. I agree, Jon! Possibilities are very sexy. So is astrophysicism :) And physics :)

    I think part of the reason why they are sexy is because I can't get my head around them in the standard Western "grab this and use it baby use it to your advantage" way. And boy, everything that can't be consumed ... well, it's very sexy, isn't it?


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