Wednesday 10 September 2008

more animals

I was telling my friends the other night how sad I feel when I look at the little folded and sewn pouch where Lester's boybags should be. They both just laughed at me. I guess they're used to me. But I am sad for him! What a horribly unpleasant thing, a folded flap. A monument to efficiency and modern living. Or an anti-monument, when you think about it.

Okay, so I'm weird. Whatever.


  1. That's what they get for being domesticated. We feed them and clean their poo-poo, and let them be sassy and nonchalant all over our lives, but we have to be responsible pet owners, too. And it doesn't seem to impact their cattitude. My boy cat still eats squirrels and mice and outruns coyotes and all.

    As a bonus, it keeps male cats from spraying.

  2. Yes, that's all practical and true :) I'm not saying I disagree with it on a grand scale - we cannae have millions of catties and doggies running willy nilly around our streets spraying each other and having sex in the gutter - but on a personal level, it still makes me sad for my dog :)

    Who doesn't know any different. Who still has sex occasionally (true!) Who still tries to hump everyone (I hate that. Gross)

    Hope you're feeling better this fine morning :)

  3. Hey Sue - is the real cat the one on the left? I'm struggling with reality at the mo!!!!

  4. Hehe :) Too many papers to mark, Mark? (I've been meaning to ask, what do you teach at TAFE, btw?)

  5. Hey you said - Mark, mark that sounds like a dog with a hair lip to me.

    I teach Conservation/Land Management & Agriculture, sounds like a contradiction in terms - hey?

    I teach away from home 3 days a week in a place called Katanning, Aboriginal CDEP workers on Monday Cert3, Year 10 - I hate school kids Tuesday, Yr 11 I hate school kids Wednesday (both Cert 2) - then I come home to Albany on Thursday/Friday and teach C&M to Aboriginals - I love my job.

    Hands on land restoration on heritage sites. In some of the Aboriginal old camp sites and missions you can feel the pain and sorrow like it was yours.

  6. Well, it sounds like a contradiction in terms that should never have become a contradiction in terms. And therefore it sounds awesome :)

    Wow. It really does. Would love to hear more about it. Love that last line - yes, the land weeps, doesn't it?


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