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Friday 5 September 2008

I am so sick of hearing about American politics. It's all over the place. Not just simply on blogs - I can understand that people want to talk politics, even though it feels like a pointless enterprise to me - but it is on my television set and radio all the time.

Dear media: I don't give a rat's arse about running mates. I don't care about morality issues and morality plays - that is what it all feels to me. A play that has little basis in reality except to score cheap shots. It is the most pathetic of plays. And it's not even my reality. I could understand the media in the States blathering on and on about pregnant daughters and such but you know what? It's totally irrelevant to me. But of course, as in America, the media isn't really all that intent on reporting news that has some sort of worth. It's only interested in reporting power stories. Or fear stories. And that kind of coercion is not a game I want to play anymore.

The political system in America will continue to fluff along regardless of how many Australians get to hear about it every single fucking day. Along with all the other cheap imports that flood our television screens every day and which contribute to my barely being able to watch any kind of free to air television. What a joke television is. Entertainment. Yeah. Like chroming or shooting up.

My kind of shooting up is finals football :) And I'll be watching that kind of television all weekend, every single game. I suppose everyone has their weaknesses, don't they :)

To my American friends: I'm not dissing you guys at all. I hope it doesn't come across like that. but seriously, if you got subjected to the amount of crap stuff out of Australia that we do here out of America, it would annoy you, too.


  1. To tell you the truth, Sue, I don't blame you a bit. I would LOVE to know more about politics in other countries, but unless if DIRECTLY impacts America we never hear about it. It's like we're the center of the fucking universe and it bores me to hell.

    And in truth, although I do have my political opinions, due to checks and balances in our fair country, nothing much every really happens SIMPLY because a certain person is elected to the presidency. The president is far from autonomous. Which is good, and bad. I don't really see the point in it covering every single ounce of every airwave.

    So there, I managed to muddy up your day with more American politics. What a friend I am.

  2. erin has stated it quite well. i don't blame you one bit, sue! i'm sick of it, too!!!

  3. Erin and Lucy - It must be so horrid having to live through all the shite. Yuk!

    But Erin, the political system itself I'm interested in hearing about, but just the hypocritical morality ... eww, the whole thing is so creepy. It's funny hwo when youre a fundy, the thought of living in a secular nation is just anathema ... as if God can only work in a nation that claims itself as Christian. Well you know what? I dont' know if any nation that claims a religion can be anything but legalistic and religious because it's taking onto a system something a system can never bear - freedom and grace :)

    Anyway, blah blah blah. Whatever. I just don't want to hear any more about that fucking woman, or that fucking man, or that one, or that one. I don't give a shit.

    I'm getting ready to ditch the radio and the TV soon. And live in a field, grow my hair into dreadlocks, and eat locusts :)

  4. Yeah!!!! my vote - no more American politics!!!

  5. They do it to us in the UK too :-(

    Perhaps we should export all the Gordon Brown / Charles Clarke arguments, and all the snide remarks from David Cameron and David Davis. Forcibly. That'd larn 'em!

    Once we've got that set up, can I share your locusts, Sue? (Sorry, I don't have enough hair left for dreadlocks...)

  6. I must confess to being a bit of a political junkie, but the irrelevant moralistic crap is such a waste of breath. The trouble is, when that aspect is given so much air time, it makes some people think it is important.
    Now it looks like Canada is having an election on October 24! Mind you, Canadian politics is dead boring. So, if you can want, Erin, you can check with the CBC on line for alternate politics. We have five parties here -- counting the Greens -- and the dullest of debates.

  7. The problem isn't American politics per se, but the institution by Americans, largely, of 24 hour news channels.

    Before that, they only had a limited amnount of time per day to present the news and actually had to be selective and discriminatory about what they could put out there. Now with 24 hours to fill, we, and you, hear EVERYTHING.

    I like being able to flip on the news whenever I want it, but this is ridiculous.

  8. The problem, Tyler, is not so much your news media, as ours. They will soak up all the syndicated stuff and regurgitate it ad nauseam, blow by miserable blow. Like a runny nose...

  9. USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!

    Family Guy
    South Park
    Ohh and F A B Thunderbirds are go!!! - I LOVE the USA and how it influences the world.

  10. PS - I only said (well, typed) the above statement under duress, the CIA is everywhere ... shhhhhish.

  11. well now you've put me between the scylla and charybidis. if i say anything about american politics, it will be too ironic. so instead, i will say that i agree with you completely. in fact, i wish more americans felt the way you do. enough so to actually take the power back.

    being an anarchist who ascribes no loyalty to any sort of humanistic government or control, i just tune it all out. i just don't care. i only have one loyalty and it is not of this world.

  12. And WHERE THE HELL does the church get off being involved in politics?! HELLO MCFLY! Didn't Jesus cover that pretty damn clearly?

    No wonder they don't actually care about people, they are too busy telling us to how to VOTE!

    Sorry...a little rant there...I was reading THIS post.

  13. Interesting collection of voices here. Oh, how I do love blogging :)

    Tyler - I disagree that the problem isn't just American politics. I loathe the system of politics you guys have there, the way it is set up to aid the rich. It's so corrupt. But then so are all governments. Mine is just as bad in some ways. I think I'm with Jon ... heading over into anarchy :)

    Barbara - oh, lucky you! You will get to hear about politics continuously without a stretch. Joy!

  14. I feel for ya... I can't stand it here and that the charade is E-V-E-R-Y-WHERE!

  15. I was watching Sarah Palin the other day...Do you want someone who calls their children Track, Bristol and Trig ans vice president ;)

  16. Manuela - I feel more for you than for me - you are stuck right in the middle of the circus

    Andi - Track? WTF? LOL I think that is even worse than Blade (someone at Mocca's work called their kid that)


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