Go Play Outside!

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Go play outside. But before you do, go read Jennifer (and boy, dontchajust love that photo? How cute and colour-coordinated are little girls ):

I do wonder how the children of this young generation who are growing up with the recycling religion and the earth day mentality of celebrating the earth by planting a seedling and then going home to their computers, will be able to appreciate and care for their first home.


  1. Oh what a beautiful picture! Girls do have great taste in color coordination! Or perhaps their mothers do! lol!

    Good Post!

  2. I hope beyond hope that we will be able to foster that. At least I have ingrained in them a love of the ocean, even if I don't take them camping and all. And we go hiking and talk about things in the forest.

    But yeah, I grew up climbing trees and damming streams and all.

  3. Thankfully Mike and I are very outdoorsy... We're trying to limit Maggie's TV intake... although it does give us great breaks sometimes: ) Today I felt kinda crapy when I woke up (probably cause I went to bed at 3:00 and have been eating junky...) but once Maggie and I went to the park to play I felt so much better! She perked up too. It was just perfect out...

  4. Sank you verdy mutz for the nod Sue! I'm glad you like the pic and the articles.

  5. Nicole - it's such a great pic, isn't it? Jennifer is very talented. And yeah, you're right - you don't see many mothers dressing their little girls in black or red do you? :)

    Erin - damming streams, huh? Cool :) But yeah, I grew up outside too. It must be hard letting your kids play outside when there's such a big peer group pressure thing against it.

    Manuela - ahh, nice going to the park :) I'm not as outdoorsy as I would like to be, actually, although I spend time outside every day.

    Jennifer - that's an interesting accent you've got going there? Is it Polish or something? :)

  6. Oh my gosh - so long ago! I can't believe you have this - they are all 9 and 10 now! Saw this as a thumbnail under "you might also like". dejavu


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