It's a Good Thing I Love Dire Straits

Saturday 1 November 2008

Do you people who live anywhere other than Australia have little ice cream trucks that drive around your suburban streets, like the one above? I have fond childhood memories of hearing the music coming down the street and beseeching my mother, with plaintive hungered cries, for some money so I could get an ice cream.

I have one of those vans in my area. He has just started driving around the streets again now the weather is warming up and eating ice cream is not something you do while shivering under a blanket (well, at least that's how my winter goes).

I find myself singing Dire Straits for six months of the year. It is a good thing I love them, because the music that plays like the Pied Piper to lure all the young kids out (and not so young) is the music that plays at the beginning of Tunnel of Love. I don't know what it is, apparently some French traditional hurdy gurdy carnival music. It's really cute. Which is really good, 'cause from now on, it's gonna be playing on high rotation on Radio Susie :)


  1. We have them here too, although as winter is rapidly approaching fo us, we don't see (or hear) them as much this time of year.

    Our one plays We'll Keep A Welcome In The Hillsides, which gets very annoying as it's a total cliche for us Welsh!

  2. ahhh tunnel of love! ahhh choc dip icecreams!

  3. Ours usually play The Entertainer...of course it's going into winter here so I haven't seen on in like a month.

    When our 12 year old was little we used to tell him it was just a "music truck", they just drive around and play music. That worked until he was like 4 and he saw all the neighborhood kids getting ice cream.

    Now all summer I have to be sure to have cash handy in case the kids hear that music play.

  4. Barry - that's a bit of a daggy song, isn't it, heh :) I reckon ice cream vans should get into this century and play, like, Back in Black or something like that :) Attrract the teen market :)

    Andi - yes, the song that reminds me of you :)

    Erin - the music truck :) I love how kids think, that they wouldn't think anything amiss about a truck that drives around for the hell of it playing music :) Cute :)

  5. my girls still get that excited look on their faces when they hear the music coming from the one that comes through our neighborhood every so often. Sometimes they think they hear it only to find out they were hearing something else. Big let down.

  6. oh my, that music sounds slightly sinister for an ice cream truck. but i think maybe it beats the schticky version of whatever our truck plays that leaves us wanting to ram it with our cars when it drives by for the millionth time. maybe dire straits would be better after all. oh my!

  7. I remember reading of one parent who told their kids that the truck only played the music when it was out of ice-cream :D

  8. Kent - I love the life your girls display :)

    Lucy - Ramming the ice cream truck - now that would be a grouchy old cow act for sure :) Make sure you take photos and blogaboutit ;)

    Stu & Erin - yeah, that is a good one haha. I wonder how long till the most ponderous of the kids twigged :)


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