Mix tape morning

Saturday 25 October 2008

I am listening to the first of Jon's mix tapes. I must say, it is an interesting experience not knowing what is coming. More interesting is the discomfort I feel when I am listening to a song and I don't know who it is who is singing it, and I can't look down at the song listings to find out. What a control freak, huh? :D

I have just finished listening to Something to Believe In by Poison, which I must admit I quite like (even though I feel dirty admitting that, but thanks for including it, Jon. It legitimises my experience - "Oh, well, it's on Jon's tape. I have to listen to it now" :) Following hot on the heels of that song is Down to the River to Pray, sung by someone or other. Cool. Good Lord, show me the way. Nice stuff, Jon :)

Especially considering this tape has already included Lenny Kravitz singing Mama Said, and Eminem calling everyone a motherfucker (but retracting it all at the end because he really does love America). Now Pink Floyd is singing On the Turning Away. What a deliciously broad spectrum of musical taste.

I have overcome my disappointment that these CDs will not play on my stereo. Indeed, that stereo I got for nothing off Frecycle so I can't complain too much. And luckily these CDs I can play through the DVD player speakers. The stereo is not the greatest, a shelf unit that performs reasonably well for its size but refuses to play certain CDs. Indeed, the last CD that was burned for me, a double-header from a monk, it temperamentally refused to play also, to my irritation (which turned out to be sort of prophetic, in hindsight ;)

Still, I miss my stereo speakers. They live with Mocca, along with all the other furniture, and they are the only thing that I would love to have back. Four foot high, able to handle the onslaught of bass gone wild.

I must be getting old and decrepit because I wonder about the young teenagers of today, and how many of them really know what it is to play your music loud out of speakers that can handle something heavy duty. What happens to your conception of music when it's played out of laptop speakers and mobile phones? Thank God for iPods and of course, the car stereos that are to come. Perhaps there is some redemption even for them, even in an era of Sonyfication. See how old I am :)

So Jonno, I am playing it as loud as I can. But just not as loud as I would like. Still, in whatever medium I am playing it, this is so much fun :)

Edit: Whee! Bush - Comedown :)


  1. we have the soundtrack to the movie "O brother where art thou" and the song Down to the River to Pray was sung by Alison Kraus

    another song from that movie is Constant Sorrow http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=ACAwe3kSqbY

    the movie is quite brilliant and based on the Homer's Odyssey

  2. That sounds like a lurvely mixtape. So awesome. When I told Jon that I had missed most of the 90's music because I was on a diet of only Contemporary Christian (vomit), he created a playlist for me to skool me on the music I had missed. It was so cool. What a guy.

  3. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)!!!!!!!!!

    cool. sorry to hear about your stereo. i'll call to the universe and see if we can get something to fall in your lap.

    ahhhh. 7teen. i brought it with me to work today. i love that disc. allow me to shed a little more light on it now that you've had the initial experience.


    the story of a fresh-faced young man just out of his parents house
    1. mama said - lenny kravitz

    who finds himself rapidly disillusioned with the world as he discovers it.
    2. ok? - live

    and even a little embarassed at it.
    3. hands held high - linkin park

    and downright angry.
    4. white america - eminem

    "why?", he wonders. as he investigates, he is startled by a discovery...
    5. trance - the juliana theory

    upon this discovery his intial optimism becomes soured. he's disoriented and completely unable to cope with the world he finds himself now in. so instead of trying to beat it...
    6. quick fix - standbye

    that leads to the deepest, darkest dead end. in a effort to change this, he turns to the church he has heard so much about to help him gain understanding and perspective on this world.
    7. this disco(used to be a cute cathedral) - steve taylor

    this turns out to be another dead end. everything he has ever been told has come up false. broken, battered, he offers up a piercing heart cry.
    8. something to believe in - poison

    and it is in this broken place inside him where he is met by a stranger. and beckoned.
    9. down to the river - alison krauss

    this stranger, who seems so familiar all the same, begins to speak. epiphanies occur with rapid succession. his very inner being is being reshaped into a new being.
    10. on the turning away - pink floyd
    11. imagine - john lennon

    realization and awakening bring new yearnings.
    12. breakdown - jack johnson

    and these yearnings bring about deeper realization and awakening as the stranger unmasks and intimacy beigns.
    13. you are mine - mutemath
    14. i'll never get tired of you - king's x

    he has finally found it! the world inside. the world he had hoped to find upon leaving his parents' home. the thing sought for so long is finally found.
    15. comedown - bush

    and although the world outside is the same destitue place it has always been, he is now emboldened with hope.
    16. everything's not lost - coldplay

    and wisdom, courage, strength, joy, and love to continue down this difficult path.
    17. walk on - u2

  4. Kel - I watched that movie and just didn't get it. I think it must have been a CFS thing, as I was sick at the time. Might hae to give it a rerun

    Erin - cool! What a guy, indeed!

    Jon - oooh, here be some liner notes! That wasn't a hint by the way, I was just sayin', but they, this is really cool. I don't know some of these bands or songs, so this be good.

    I really think if you are a reading man you should read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby you know, because they wax lyrical about the merits of mix tapes as art form :)

    shame about the coldplay, though. i hate coldplay. but hey, this is your story, not mine :)

  5. I didn't get O Brother Where Art Thou either, but there are some good tunes from it.

    So Jon gave you a backstory...that's freakin' cool.

  6. shame about the coldplay, though. i hate coldplay.

    don't worry about it. we ALL have charcter flaws. i found out when i made that mix for erin that one of her major flaws is that she doesn't like green day. ;-)

  7. I confess. I do not like Green Day.


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