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Sunday, 26 October 2008

I just came across the term "humble pie" in my bloggish wanderings. And it got me thinking.

What do you think would be the actual ingredients of such a dish? Would it be sweet or savoury? Or sour in your mouth and sweet in your stomach, or vice versa? Would you require lots of water to wash it down, or would it go down easy, babe, blessed relief from your mountainous ego? (Well, not telling any of you about the state of your egoes or nothin', but you know, going on my own experience, I think you may find it's a decent size, at least at times :)


  1. It would be made with overcooked vegetables, rather bland and unappealing in appearance. Nothing to celebrate with ... That's my image. Oh, yes, with one tough crust.

  2. Humble pie actually ends up being the grace of God. For the one in which the soil of their heart and mind has been properly tilled the fruit is somewhat immediate even if difficult going down. But for them grace is seen as the key that opens the windows of the sick soul and lets the bad air out.

    For the one not ready to admit to such sickness....well, it's just uncomfortable to get it to go down and usually it gets stuck in the throat and produces heartburn.

  3. I have no idea. I think I agree with Kent. But then humble pie usually makes me feel like crawling into a hole. So I don't know.

  4. Humble pie is made with the hearts of our enemies... And Im not talking about a Mayan cult ritual:)


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