A Grouchy Old Cow's Small Thankfulnesses

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I'm feeling very satisfied today. The sun is shining. Last night I went and saw Def Leppard and they really are such great showmen for a bunch of old farts and they did sing Photograph, just like I asked, and Joe Elliott doth twirl around a lot, and yea listening to a talented guitarist playing great riffs is almost as good as sex (but which is, after all, a dim memory so it's probably not scientific comparison. And guitarists seem to feel the same way, otherwise what's the deal with 'orgasm face' when you're playing the electric geetar?) And I am happy from seeing my friends Andrea and John, and them listening my whingeing and complaining about public spaces without walking away, and getting to chat until 2am and eating McDonald's in the car and ... I feel good. But oh, I feel tired :)

And I feel good because I saw my new friend Louisa the day before and we sat in the sun and had a glass of whine and then we sat on the steps of the beach and bagged everything, and there is something healing about sitting with other Christians and bagging everything, as if we need to make up for all of the years where we had to pretend that everything was fine when it wasn't. And Louisa said, "You can be my complaining friend" and I took that as a compliment, heh! :)

I have my washing machine fixed finally. I hung a load of washing out before and it was sunny and sometimes it is just the littlest things and the joy sparks so deep I feel like I might catch fire, but there is an element of pain in it too, and I think about how maybe one day there will be joy undistilled but we will have to be different creatures in that place or else we will spontaneously combust.

And I am happy because I have $38 to last me until next Monday and it feels like a challenge :) (which is a much different space to be in when you know you have a bit of cash coming to you from unbanked cheques and people you can borrow money off and how sad and lonely it would be having $38 to last until next Monday and no one to help you out if you fell into a heap by Friday, which is probably what will happen to me :)

And I am happy because my brother has left his entire CD collection in my garage and I'm about to go out and delve into it.

And I am happy because it’s almost the US fucking elections and I can stop hearing about how desperately some people seem to need to have a big great leader to hang onto and can’t they see the system will still be just as corrupt as it was before their chosen Messiah came along and why can’t people think for themselves instead of always asking for a king. And I have a theory that a country becomes great when its people live goodly in the small pocket of power that is them living their lives using their own brains and loving the people around them to the best of their ability.

And I am happy because I am a grouchy complaining bitch and I have to end this post on a bad note and even that makes me happy because there is so much to complain about and there is great fun in being a grouchy old cow who complains about everything and yes, I am going to email Rod Laver Arena about their ridiculous no plastic bottles policy and yes, I am happy to be the kind of person who is always complaining about that stuff, like Keith Rugg from Beaumaris who writes into the Herald Sun every time I happen to pick it up. That's who I'm going to grow up to be like, unless God intervenes and makes me a nice girl :)

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  1. I'm very glad you and Lou have hit it off! I'm jealous, but happy for you both.

    I'm jealous about Def Leppard, too...I was so going to see them, but alas the money was spent elsewhere.

    I'm jealous because you have summer coming and I have 4 months of naked trees ahead of me.

    So does it make you feel better that I'm jealous of you?

  2. i'm glad that you and lou have hit it off too :-)

    and hearing about your "glass of whine" just cracked me up, i'm assuming the spelling error was intentional, if not, it's one hell of freudian slip

    do grouchy old cows hang out in herds? if so, i'll hang out in the paddock with ya' today

  3. that picture captures the old complaining cow mood rather well.

  4. your grouchy old cow made me smile this morning--both in words and photo. it's nice to read something that doesn't have the word "vote" in it :-)

  5. Erin - goodness. You got the jealousy thang going down :) No, it makes me feel worse that you're jealous of me. But hey, I'm already jealous of your summer coming up in a few months' time :) And I'm jealous of your kids. And that you live in a state with those giant enormous bloody trees :)

    Kel - no, it wasn't a freudian slip haha :) Yes, it's FUN hanging out in a GOC herd. Come join us. Moooo

    Kent - it does, doesn't it? It's a great pic. I love it's fur :)

    Lucy - good :) Yes, I agree. I REFUSE to read ANYTHING about the election today.

  6. Way - too intimidated to post a comment, I shall return at a later date ...

  7. Mork - intimidated? By moi?

    Come on, I'm a gentle puddy tat under the cow exterior :)

  8. What a shot to capture! I thought it must have been photoshopped with the ferns so perfectly rounded about her, but no...a great photographer indeedy.

    Now that my oldest daughter is 14 and quite pretty I would love to make a t-shirt with this on it. I'd wear it when I chapperone dances as she gets older...with that and my ten foot - taser pole, I think she'll be OK, or really mad at me. :)

    (partially kidding)

  9. Haha! :) It must be a terrifying thing, having a 14 year old girl :)

  10. wow. def leppard. now I'M jealous. that must have been one great time. did they play it all? you mentioned photograph. i'm assuming you got to hear at least one of the following besides?

    - foolin'

    - rock of ages

    - pour some sugar on me

    i so loved def leppard at one point in my life that i made a def leppard pillow in home ec class. i still have it. we put it next to the bars in zaavan's bed so he doesn't hit his head at night.

    (i am soooo lame.)

  11. A pillow? *snort*

    Sorry, just reinforcing the gender stereotypes here but a bloke making a pillow? HAHA!!! :)

    Yes, my dear, they played all of those songs. They also sang Bringing on the Heartbreak which was kinda cool. They even did the gibberish at the start of Rock of Ages :) I was gearing myself up for Sad Sack Night, you know? But then, these guys have just released an album. They haven't reformed to cash in, they never broke up in the first place :)


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