Thursday, 20 November 2008

Pic: Matthew Poon

This kitteh was born in Perth, Western Australia yesterday. It is being monitored closely (I don't know whether it is male or female), but it survived its first night, and is eating, and seems content, and is purring. This cat meows simultaneously out of both mouths, which is why they think it has only one brain.

I hope it makes it.


  1. Oh MY! I do hope it lives. Sooo cute in a creepy-cute way. It's like two kittens in one!

  2. i hope it does too - poor wee thing!

  3. oh my is right!! i thought it was a photo taken on a mac at first. what a little sweetie!

  4. I've met some two faced people before this is my first two faced cat!!

  5. Yes, it's a bit creepy looking, isn't it? But it's still a puss, after all, even if it's a bit genetically skew-whiff ... because aren't we all, after all :D

    The meowing simultaneously out of both mouths bit just has me mesmerised :)


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