The Other Side of Christmas

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

How cool is this Aussie nativity scene, put together by my blog bud Kel and her hubby Mr X, from leftovers from their house-building site? Cool, huh :)

Kel has written here about some of the things that encompass an Aussie Christmas. I must say, I would like to be more active and out water-skiing to work off the extra kilos that are going to pile on after I've pigged out totally on turkey and pavlova, but that isn't gonna happen, I'm afraid (never could get the hang of that bloody water-skiing thing, dammit, on the one day I tried). Still, might think about dusting off the old bike, which still sits in the garage. I have had a physically busy weekend, doing heaps of housework to get it in shape for my inspection by my landlord yesterday. It feels so nice to go into my holidays with a clean house. It's funny, but after all those years of having CFS, and having to stop the intuitive urge to push myself when I was tired, now it's the opposite. Now I have to push myself when I'm feeling lazy, because physically, I am so much healthier and stronger than I was. It's just that now, what was once counterintuitive has become intuitive and I need to unlearn the lessons it was so hard for me to learn in the first place.

Opposites. I have felt disconnected at times reading all of these wonderful darkness-themed advent posts some of the talented people on my blogroll have been posting lately. I love what they have been sharing, but I can't really relate to it at the moment. Summer is just opening her eyes here. The summer solstice has just passed. I would LOVE for Christmas to be in Winter. (Actually, I think I would prefer Spring. Spring makes more sense, instead of shoving it on the solstice. I would like to remove the solstice from all the Christmas trappings it's been wrapped in over the centuries. How paranoid was the Church back in those days about people celebrating things like the solstice? Goodness me. Can't have anything like that. That ... well, it looks like nature worship! Looks Pagan! If we allow such things, the populace will go nuts and worship the earth, and break loose and rip their clothes off and have wild maniacal orgies. Whatever. Silly Church :)

But I digress :)

Yesterday was hot. I drove out to do a spot of shopping for my second cousins. (I keep going to call them my nephews, even after all this time, because Andrea is much more like a sister than she is a cousin). I drove with the window down, and the dry air coming in the window. I'd just left my house, which swelters under a flat roof with no space for pink batt insulation. It's a bit of a brain switch, turning on to hot weather. But I love it once I do. The bare feet. The bare shoulders. I can understand why so many people hate the hot weather, but it just does something to my body, you know? It smells like freedom to me. Bring it on, baby :)

I think I shall save all of those wonderful advent posts and reread them again when June and July hit and I am suffering under not enough light. Then I will really be able to appreciate them :)


  1. Hi Sue - Thanks for linking through to Kel's post on my site. Thought I's swing by and nose about your place; nice and homey it is, too..

    The photo attached to your 'Life ~ Death ~ Life' post reminds me of one of Salvador Dali's paintings.
    'Christ of St John of the Cross'.

  2. glad there was at least one xmas post you could 'relate' to Sue :-)

    if it helps, i hate waterskiing, in fact i hate anything that involves me having to wear swimmers!

    so as you can imagine, xmas with the inlaw family is a trial in more ways than one

    i prefer watersports that involve frozen water, so perhaps norm and I should swap places for a season ;)

  3. Kel - we're all grown-ups here. No need to wear swimmers if you don't like to. Just sayin'.....

  4. lol

    while we're hoping to help people connect with nature when visiting us, we are not a naturist retreat!

  5. What is it the Brits say? 'Pity'

    Sorry Sue - couldn't resist.

  6. Hey, Norm. It does remind me of that Dali painting too. Both lovely. Thanks for dropping by my humble abode.

    I must say, I'm a bit disappointed Anamrae is not to be a nudist retreat. You should think about it, Kel. You could corner the Christian nudist market :)

    (Hell, there probably *is* a market like that you know, LOL)


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