Thursday 29 January 2009


whispers of
relentless affection
singing us all
into healing

~ Paul Young

The earth, too. Except maybe we help to sing that one into healing.

My enamour of boiling hot weather has cooled somewhat after about five hours' sleep. Again, today, it is going to be 43 degrees, as is tomorrow. I lay on the couch this morning, once I'd woken up feeling sick and realising that going back to sleep is now something I mourn after for the rest of the day, praying for rain, visualising rain, telling the clouds to form. Because I'm really very nervy about the bushfires that won't be able to help breaking out in such ridiculous weather. It is the nuttiest hot spell in a century.

How unbalanced the earth is, groaning, waiting for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed (whatever the hell that means. And I don't think it is as factionalised as we would read it, somehow, but let's see).

I had a conversation last night with a woman called Andrea, who is writing a book about sustainable development within the framework of a biblical reading of God. It is very exciting to be able to enter into something like this with somebody, in an area that makes my mouth water. It is also very exciting to work within "God's economy" as she calls it. She has very little money to get this baby going, but still she asked me about financial recompense. I shrugged it off as being one of the less concerning aspects of the whole situation, considering I don't even know what this whole situation entails. And I guess that is where the freedom comes from, the freedom of people coming together who may not have the slips of paper or the experience to prove it, but who are brought together anyway, and who go on funny little trips together, with no idea of where they shall end. How do you discuss financial recompense in such situations? You don't. You just sit back and see what will come of it in the end. It is a far more exciting way to go about life, as far as I'm concerned. And it has the whiff of God about it. And I think we shall see more and more of it, and it shall be beautiful to watch.

I don't think we have any idea how much we are to enter into the renewing of the earth, in a direct way, sinking our hands into the soil. I can only but dream and hint and ponder about what all of that means, and how healing it will be for us as people, removed as we are from sister earth, slightly insane in the process, to return to the dust from which we came. Not to die (yet), but to help the earth do what it is was made to do ~ give life.


  1. Man, it is HOT there!! :( It snowed almost a foot here...
    I love that Grace description above...

    Hmm sustainable development... I really like the idea of relying more on the earth directly... I hope we can reverse some of the damage we've done to it...

  2. whew! 43 degrees here sounds pretty cool, but then i pulled out the handy converter and realized it is really hot there! (103 fahrenheit!)

    i love the grace poem and the excitement of this new little journey you find yourself on.

  3. Sue, that's ight on track with what yanks my chain these days.

    This St. Fracis quote has become something that reminds me constantly of how off track things are in the systems most of us have been told we have to operate which I say Bullshit.

    "The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. Just move to the side and live differently."

  4. Manu - I confidently believe that God will enlist our help in working to undo the damage we have done. What a healing thing that would be. Reparation & restoration. Kapri!

    Lucy - it was actually 109 F :) And it was truly terrible. I love that grace poem too :)

    Kent - yes, that quote slides around in my mind most days, also. It's implanted quite firmly, this concept, and it smells like freedom to me, and like a freedom that many other people are smelling also.

    Cant say we don't live in interesting times :)

  5. And one day you will travel all around in a veggie oil camper. It's not so far-fetched!


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