Pente Lobotomisation

Wednesday 7 January 2009

I think I need to go to bed. It's really late. I'm starting to have flashbacks. I was just listening to a podcast and someone said on it, "It blew my mind" and suddenly I was whizzed back to 2000 or 2001 or so, chatting to my next-door neighbours. Now, they were both lovely, caring people, but unfortunately they were being progressively lobotomised by their insistence on indulging in the dangerous drug Pentecostalism and its horrible associated television viewings, such as Kenneth Copeland et al.

I said to her, "It blew my mind" and I kid you not, her response was something to the effect of, "You know, you really shouldn't say those sorts of things because it gives demons a legal basis upon which to cause you disease, or any manner of things."

Yeah, 'cause I remembered then the many recorded cases in recent history of people whose heads just spontaneously exploded due to a poor unfortunate misuse of a very dangerous phrase. Or the times doctors would sit down with their patients and describe how unexplainably their corpus collossum was hanging on by a couple of threads and had they by any chance been indulging in mindless phrase utterings recently? Indeed, I had to wonder at the adventurousness of people who would get around talking about people who had fucked them over or knocked them for six or who did their head in, and who were strangely undamaged by the experience :)

Blew my mind. Sheesh. Well, at least I had a mind left to be blown. She was in danger of blowing her's out to cuckoo land indulging in such flakery. But anyway ... :)


  1. I am really going to have to stop saying "bugger me senseless". Just in case...

  2. I would respond to this, but my brain is suddenly and inexplicably all over the sofa.

  3. lol - If that wasnt so funny it would be terrible what a waste of space super spiritual christianity is- remind me when we next meet to tell you about the trees the "GOD saved" from hurrican katrina sometimes we as chriatians (present company accepted of course) are so arrogant and stupid!

  4. Is it just the wacko forms of Christianity that are useless?

    No, all forms of Christianity are pointless.

    Life is pointless.

    What we need is enforced abortions and a campaign of rolling nuclear strikes until the entire human race is extinct.

    Fuck off humans.

  5. Stu - hehe! :D For the best, I think :)

    Erin - ah, sorry 'bout that, honey. I'll pay for the drycleaning

    Lou - okay. speaking of which, is 7pm a good time for sunday? :)

    David - hello again. Thank you for your most uplifting comments. I must say though - you keep coming back. You really love me, don't you, Dave? :)

  6. Nope - that mind-blowing experience has got nothing on my mother.

    I was once involved in a car accident (hit the gravel, car slingshot across the road, through a fence and rolled down an embankment - with my two kids in the car). Miraculously the only injuries were my seat belt burn and a concussion, and a tiny scratch on my daughter's foot. And there was somebody driving behind me on that lonely road who then helped us back up to the road and took us to hospital - something I couldn't have done alone.

    Hark back to Amy Grant's "Angels watching over me". Thanking God for our safety.

    Not my mother. She said "It was God reminding you that you shouldn't listen to non-Christian music on a Sunday".

    I was listening to the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack at the time.

    Now THAT was mind-blowing.

    Oops. Now I have demons invading on two fronts - Dirty Dancing music and Blowing my Mind utterances. Off to be exorcised...


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