Tuesday, 17 February 2009

On my way to work today I had to stop in at Victoria Police to be police checked and fingerprinted as part of my job transcribing interviews for the Victoria Police. Does anyone else find this just a tad ... well, paranoid? A bit heavyhanded, maybe? How dull and dreary and insufferably boring it is living in this country. Provincial, bland and sterile. Overly ridiculously safe.

There were lots of people in there getting police checks for their various jobs. I can understand their necessity for some jobs. Probably a good idea to have a police check if you're working with children. But sheesh. The government's tentacles just seem to stretch out a bit further all the time, unless they're lopped off every now and then.

I was going to miss my standard 11 past 11 frequency tuning in this morning as I wouldn't be at home near the computer to see. It is amazing how many times each week I do notice, though, morning and night. But today, it wouldn't happen because I'd be out. I wasn't even thinking about it. Until the train pulled into Southern Cross Station and I saw it up there on the television screen. Arrival time: 11:11.

Something is jiving with me. Seriously :)


  1. Wow you wrote so much over the last few days that I can't keep up with you. I had a busy, extra long weekend due to Presidents day.

    Anyhow, your 11:11 thing is fascinatingly creepy. I didn't realize it was still happening. It is something your brain is tuned to now, almost like a habit...and our brains keep pretty accurate time, even if we don't realize it. It's subconscious, like how we will wake up one minute before our alarm goes off in the morning.

    As far as the police check...well, they do that for nearly everything here. It's Big Brother-ish, but what can we do? Not work?

  2. Oh but haven't you ever seen CSI? When you finally tip over the edge and take to someone with an unusually-shaped knife, they'll be able to put together your prints from a tiny fragment of thumb-tip you left on a shattered wine glass they'll have stuck back together, and it'll be SO much easier for them if your prints are already in the system!! :-)

  3. Erin - yeah, gone a bit nuts the last few days. Feels like the dam has burst its banks a bit lately - about time :)

    Ahhh, Presidents Day. I was wondering what the long weekend was about. I hope you had some fun in there amongst all the busyness.

    It really does amaze me how my brain is tuned into it. However, I wonder why I can't EVER wake up a minute before my alarm, LOL :)

    The really ultra creepy thing, though, is when trains arrive EXACTLY at that time, and when I am watching a game of footy on the TV and the countdown clock reads 11:11. Those things are separate to whether my brain is tuned into the clock time element of it, and they REALLY TOTALLY CREEP ME OUT!!!

    LOL Not really. It's sorta fun. It's also sorta annoying sometimes.

    Totally Big Brotherish, the police checks. We forget that for centuries and centuries a police frce didn't even EXIST. I want to write about that some day. Might even try and write about it broader afield than a blog post even ;)

    Tess - Oh, see, I need to watch CSI more so I can see how it's done!! ;)

    An unusually-shaped knife. That's an interesting part of the story. What shape were you visualising?

  4. I'm not understanding the 11:11 thing - is there an old post I missed???

    Anyway, if it's that you like 11s, my youngest daughter was born on the 11th of the 11th in the year 2000. Which means she'll turn 11 years old on 11/11/11. She thinks that's pretty cool.

  5. Heather - I suppose it's times like this having the blogger search bar at the top of my blog would be a good thing. Unfortunately it messes with the aesthetics so it's had to go :)



    And the really creep thing is that while I was searching for that particular post, I glanced at the clock and it was 11:11 *laughs insanely*

    Wow, I think that's really cool too about your daughter :) I hope she has a party. You could sing happy birthday at 11:11 :)

  6. Here in the UK we go police check NUTS!! I am a youth worker and yes think its important but in the last 10 years I have had over 30!! police checks, I mean I am the same person, crazy. Anyway gotta go its 11.10. Nice blog.


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