Colds and Flus and Military Wins

Wednesday 18 March 2009

There's a part of me that sits observing what is going on within, taking great interest even if I'm in pain or discomfort or whatever. I think it's the part of me that writes, that heals, that feels the deepest, that is always looking for interesting tidbits to tickle my fancy. Life gets so depressing, I feel like I need to constantly remind myself of the amazing, wonderful things that go on in it. It sort of keeps me a bit more stable, you know?

Yesterday I did not go to work because the dreaded lurgy had struck, a viral and cold combination that could have hit hard but which I seem to have managed to nip in the bud to a certain extent. I'm quite excited about that win! It felt like a military battle between my body and the dreaded invaders and in the end I drowned them. I drowned them in about 5 or 6 cups of lemon and ginger in hot water (along with xylitol. It's meant to be honey but I didn't have any). I continued drowning them in about 4 cups of neem tea (good antiviral properties), extra Berocca (vitamin C and B in fizzy tablets that go into water - yum), extra zinc, a goodly dose of colloidal silver, several doses of olive leaf extract (also high in vitamin C), and about three cups of green tea (good immune system strengthening properties, also has vitamin C).

So now the virus seems to have been drowned in copious watery concoctions, I am now left with the cold. But that's okay. I can handle dragging myself off to work snuffling.

Yesterday was a good day to take off sick because I got to watch Time Team and it was a doozy episode. Archaeologists, bless their hearts, get so excited about what they do. They really do love history and it was lovely to see this one man so excited with what he'd uncovered that his hand was shaking. It was a gold noble, I think from memory the highest currency at the time of Henry V. This castle they were excavating was the bomb of archeological digs. A giant thing with turrets and moats and drawbridges and great halls where a certain king was entertained. Deliciousness! :) It never ceases to amaze me what gets dug out of the dirt, and the care with which it is dug. Fascinating stuff.


  1. Oh! Oh! I LOVE Time Team! We used to get it here on a cable channel, but it quit somewhere along the line and I miss it horribly. So I just looked it up and they now have episodes on Channel 4's website. YAY!

    There is something so enrapturing about the oldness of things they find in the ground. One can sometimes almost hear and smell the life that lived around them. I would have been an archeologist, except I hate dirt. I have a clean-skin thing that has to be obeyed.

  2. deleted my prior brilliant comment :(
    anyway, woo-hoo for drowning them germs!!!
    yeah, archeologists are so passionate about what they do...!! It WOULD be neat to find cool stuff for a living, though. I like finding and collecting random rocks...AND getting my hands dirty, though I really dislike touching big or slimy bugs, especially not worms!! (not that any of that is relevant to your post :D)

  3. i think manuela got it right
    you drowned those poor suckers :)


  4. wow, thats a lot of stuff to drown it with, but it looks like it's worked. Hope the snuffling doesnt last too long! Yay, glad you got to see Time Team, its one of the favourites in this house..I have a couple on DVD will give them to you when I see you next, my love!

  5. Erin - I hope you enjoy catching up on all those Time Team episodes you've missed :) It's funny, I feel resistant to watching things online. And yet I can spend several hours at a time on here doing other things and not think about it. Not sure what that's all about :)

    Yeah, I guess the clean-skin thing might have got in the way of your archeology career, unless you wore gloves. I love learning about the way people lived in the past. It adds to the present, helps me understand it better somehow.

    Manu - yeah, slimy stuff is yuk but getting dirty is fun :) It would be cool finding stuff, wouldn't it? Although I guess we don't see all those hours and hours of just numbly plowing through earth and finding nothing - although I suppose even that could be meditative if you allowed it to :) I'm very consicous at the moment of how ultra boring jobs have this interesting meditative side benefit on occasions, LOL :) Hope you're feeling a bit better today. Rest if you can, my friend.

    Kel - well, I did drown them - except hte cold is still here and now I got my period yesterday afternoon which is making me want to say rude words and play paint bomb/fireball/screamsong games again :)

    Andi - oooh, cool, yeah, I'll borrow them there DVD's, thanks. Must give you back the ones I still have ;) I also borrowed Star Wars off Alex. I've watched half of the first episode so far - not sure, but I'll stick with it ;)

  6. Actually !DRAT! the online episodes are only available in the UK. Who thought up that dumb rule?

    In any case I did find out that OPB right here in Oregon is working on Time Team US to be out in the fall or winter. YAY! Although, I think archeology in the UK would be much more interesting since human habitation is so much older.

  7. maybe those bugs held their breath underwater and resurfaced - two days without a post!

    hope you are okay . . .

  8. Well, I think I would have been much worse if I hadn't have had all of that stuff when I first started getting sick. I'm okay enough to go off to work each day, but not inspired enough to write anything. So yeah, maybe I drowned half of them or something :)


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