Cutting Down on Swearing

Monday 9 March 2009

I've been reading back on some of my old blog posts. Gee, I'm an angry old woman, aren't I? :D

And I swear way too much. And it detracts from what I am saying. And it is, after all, a bit childish to swear ~ unless you do it with finesse, in very small doses, when you just must be emphatic in that particular way.

So that's it, kids. Please, pull me up in the future if I'm getting too potty mouthed. I have decided to turn over a new oral classy leaf. From now on, I hope that I will only say fuck when it is really necessary. Because really, honestly, I think I could cut out 70% of the times I say fuck and still be able to say fuck for 30% of the time with probably even more efficacy.


Pic: Alanapost


  1. Fuckity fuck. I like it that you say it so much. It makes me feel I have permission to say it, too. But do what you have to do.

  2. So what you're looking for is a swearing scapegoat to appease your guilt :) Fuck that. Stand on your own two fucking swearing feet.



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