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Sunday, 22 March 2009

You Scored as Human Empath

As a Human Empath, you possess the ability to connect with other people on an empathic level, allowing you to feel their emotion as though they were your own. Visit us at EmpathCommunity.ning.com

Human Empath


Balanced Empath


Animal Empath


Communication Empath


Physical Empath


Healer Empath


Clairvoyant Empath


Energy Empath

This post is back by popular demand :)

Sheesh, I dunno about this empath thing. I mean, I know I'm empathic, and sometimes ridiculously so, so that I have to tune out other people's stuff. And this site has helped me to do that in terms of actually visualising turning down other people and turning up myself, which sounds a bit bizarre I know :)

But do I want to put myself into this special box labelled "empath"? I'm not sure.


  1. Human 94%
    Healer 61%
    Balanced 56%
    Communication 54%
    Energy 50%
    Clairvoyant 50%
    Physical 20%
    Animal 4%

    Like you, I don't want to adopt the label, but it's helpful to know for my own information. Better understand myself and all that.

    (It's not that I dislike animals, but I don't get connected to them like many people do.)

  2. Ooh, we're the same - 94%

    It is helpful to know for your own information. And hey, that program that is on that site, I have done some of the visualisations on there and they have been REALLY helpful. Like the one where you turn down the dial that is other people's stuff, and turn up your own dial that is you? There is someting about that which was really helpful for me. Sounds naffy but so do heaps of things that are wonderful :)


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