Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Thanks to the people who gave me some feedback on how readable this blog template is. It is, I concur, rather frilly and fussy ... while being strangely ... well, brown at the same time :)

Apologies to the one person whose eyes are going a bit googly, but I'm afraid she's staying :)

I have a new poll up. Please vote if you would like. I have a post brewing and I wanted to get a snapshot of how much alienation infects our lives.


  1. Can you put up a choice for "sometimes"? Because it's neither A Lot nor Occasionally.

    I like the template, truly, but do wonder if a solid background in the text area wouldn't be more conducive to reading. It's starting to bother me a bit reading words on an unevenly colored background.

  2. Isn't occasionally the same as sometimes?

  3. you know what, I wasn't sure at first ( I didn't vote though) because it's so different than your last look...but I really do like it! :) Plus the other day I wasn't in a great mood... you know how it goes...

  4. I had to choose constantly..wish I was the person who chose never ;)

  5. I like that the new template allows me to see the whole blog on my screen.

    Concerning the poll, I wonder how many of "them" are less together, live less exciting lives than I do. I bet there won't be many. If we had more exciting lives, would we be blogging?

  6. Manu - yeah, i know how those bad mood days go. Last really bad one I had I was talking to you throughout it :)

    Cloudbusting - yeah, I want to be the never person too :)

    Barbara - haha, well, that is an interesting question. That could be an interesting thing to find out: why do people blog? I actually feel like I enjoy blogging MORE when I am doing things that make me excited ... but then I guess that is idfferent from having an exciting life, isn't it :) So much of my excitement comes from interior things these days.

  7. Okay, Erin. Is this less googly for your eyes - or is it, despite being cream, a bit glary still?

  8. Nope, this is just wonderful...totally lovely. Thank you!

    And in my opinion there IS a difference between A Lot and Occasionally. A Lot would be like, say, 6 days per week, whereas, Occasionally would be more like 3 days per week. LOL, just to make your life difficult ;-)

    Honestly, my answer is that it seems to vary with the week and time of year. But yes, for sure sometimes.

  9. I meant there doesn't seem to be a difference for me between occasionally and sometimes. I can't change the poll now as people have voted :)

    But yeah, I agree. I was thinking as I was writing this poll, "Well, duh, as if this ever stays the same. It changes so much for me. Some days it changes within the day with almost manic swings of 'Agh, I'm a freak' to 'I love my life and I don't care what they think.'" A charming rollercoaster indeed :)

  10. Oh I didn't really mean for you to change it, I was just being contrary to be annoying ;-)

  11. well
    this is an interesting template
    it doesn't match my image of you !?!

    when i see this i feel squeezed between the lines and a bit like i'm at a christian women's creativity event - scrapbooking [aaaggghhhhhh]

    but part of exploring one's creativity is trying on different looks

    so all power to ya'


  12. Kel - what is your image of me then, wot wot?? (Just curious. I don't know who the hell I am. I was wondering what you thought :)

    Christian women's scrapbooking event - LOL!!!

  13. hmmm
    good question
    it's probably easier to say that my image of you does not gel with lace, ribbons and little bows

    when I think of you I see bright colours, not brown, I see purple hats, red shoes, lime green handbags - not all in the same outfit!

    and I definitely can't see you participating in a xian women's scrapbooking event - well, with a straight face anyhow ;-)


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