A Room of One's Own

Sunday 22 March 2009

I remember reading Virginia Woolf's A Room of one's Own sometime during the beginnings of my university degree back in the late 1700s. Written in the 1940s, I think, Woolf's contention was that women needed space and money of their own in order to create.

Me, I prefer a house of my own, not just a room :)

I suppose it depends upon the woman. Some women create at a kitchen table with children and husbands underfoot. Albeit with great difficulty, I'm sure, but still, they do it.

Me, I like the idea of having a house of one's own even in a marriage :) If I ever marry again, I shall take steps to ensure that we do so whilst we live in separate houses :)

Does that sound awful? LOL I suppose I'm speaking a little tongue in cheek, but still, the idea is a very attrractive one to me. But of course, once you fall in love and go all stupid, and get less cynical, who knows what might happen ;)

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  1. Indeed, Susie. Indeed. You get a room of your own, and are quite happy about that :)

  2. It's true, though, that part of me wants a house of my own.

    It's all about rhythms, mereckons Erin (yes, I'm stalking you across the internet, hehe ;)

    I have these rhythms that I'm not entirely happy or accepting of yet. They say that occasaionally I want to disappear entirely by myself for a few days on end. I have talked with Anthony about this. He is fine with it, and understands it, and thinks it's a good and healthy thing.

    Me, I think so too. But on the other hand, it terrifies me. I feel like I'm doing something bad and selfish by doing this. I hope I have the courage to do it!

  3. I can't tell you how wish I could do that. I think it's great that you've established that with Anth at the beginning. There is nothing to feel guilty about -- if anything you will be all the healthier for being true to your needs, too.

    I wish I had established some kind of "me" time at the very beginning. I have been thinking a lot about having a retreat a couple times a year...but my family thinks it's weird.


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