April Discombobulae

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

1. It is true that Jerusalem artichokes make you fart. I think, though, that the descriptor "filthie loathsome stinking wind" is a leetle melodramatic. I cooked them using this recipe. Their consistency is like potato and you can cook them in the same way. They have a slightly nutty flavour. If you don't mind the bottom burping, they are good for you, sort of like a prebiotic, containing inulin.

2. Here is a picture of a man playing a glockenspiel. There is not enough discussion online about glockenspiels. Those two men are cute even though one of them is playing a really untrendy instrument. But their facial hair makes them a bit cooler. Facial hair is sexy. Glockenspiels sound nice and remind me of Germany and primary school. I have been to primary school but not to Germany.

3. One day I am worried I will lean back in my chair at work and out of complete boredom simply forget to draw breath and die. I can only hope I spontaneously combust so as to give my workmates something interesting to look at for a bit.

4. I don't understand what the deal is with cucumbers.

5. A woman is coming this evening to borrow my veil and two tiaras I have. She is getting married and thanks to Freecycle, is collecting things to do it as cheaply as possible. Thanks to Freecycle I have six strawberry plants growing in my garden. I am very happy for the woman who is getting married but a small round shiny laughing cynical part of me thinks she is a dill :)

6. My art therapist thinks winter is the season that is grown-up. There is something delicious about that idea. She thinks summer is a young season and if you can ride winter you can ride anything. It is a strange thing that driving up to the dark Dandenongs all last winter made me appreciate it more. I love summer, although not when there are insane fires that kill people. My love of summer is now tinged with mistrust. I hope to grow up and enjoy winter now I am not impaled on the cross of chronic illness. That last sentence was a bit melodramatic.

I am quite partial to purple.


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. 1. TMI
    2. Isn't that just like a xylophone? And why do they have to give such strange names to these things?
    3. Time to find a less boring job.
    4. What deal?
    5. Freecycle is a good thing.
    6. I agree completely. It takes guts and maturity to survive winter without killing something. But I'm looking forward to a few months of teenager.
    7.Oh me too, me too!

  3. Dyanna - thanks for visiting. I'm sure you won't have to wait long. I do tend to blog quite a bit :)

    Erin - 1. you wanted to know what I cooked with the sunchokes. The farting element was required in tying up all the ends that my first post raised. Weren't you dying to know if they made me fart or not?

    2. It is a xylophone but doesn't it sound better when you say glockenspiel? Such a cool work, GLOCK EN SHPEEL. German is such a cool language, they have such great words for things :)

    3. If only it was that easy.

    4. Their existence.

    5. Yes.

    6. Yes, and congratulations on getting through and may the sun shine upon thee for countless hours and be all 15 years old for you :)

    7. Yay! Purple is for cool people like us.


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