Happy Solstice

Sunday 21 June 2009

Happy solstice to you. Shortest day of the year, or alternatively the longest day of the year tomorrow for you people up there ^

*Waves at people in summer. Chugs down a handful of vitamin D and St John's Wort tablets*

To celebrate the solstice, the darkest day, when the days begin lengthening once more, I'm going out to dance nekkid around a bonfire.

Actually, not really. I'm going out tonight with some friends to see some impro theatre. Much more pedestrian :)

I actually did some workshops with Impro Melbourne, several years ago with my mate John and our mate John. It was terrifying and exhilarating. In hindsight I was a bit too still-unwell to do something like impro and I ditched it after a few terms.


  1. "Dancing nekkid around a bonfire" could be a metaphor for anything outside our comfort zones, you know. :) Have fun!

    Anyhow, us northerners will start sharing the sun with you again. Just be sure to give it back when you're finished.

  2. You make me laugh so hard sometimes. Yeah, its the longest day of the year here. Have fun goiing out and please pass me some St. John's!

  3. Erin - yeah, it's a good winter metaphor, isn't it! :) Personally, I would rather publicly speak than dance nekkid in public (although it would be dark, wouldn't it, and bonfire light is much more loving than, say, dancing nekkid in fluorescent light. Or, even worse, under those horrible energy saving globes :)

    I will give it back when I'm finished. I promise.

    Barbara - hehe :) Here, have 13 handfuls of St John's Wort - I bought the giant bottle. Must have known you were coming :)

  4. I was going to suggest doing a winter mandala, but see you're dancing nekkid around a bonfire, instead. I guess that would work...

    I took St. John's Wort for years, with good success. I would stop them, & everything looked gray? I'm learning more & more about Vit. D.

    How was the Impro Theatre?

  5. Sherry - mmmm, a winter mandala sounds good, too. They are so therapeutic to do. Something about that enclosed but empty-waiting-to-be-filled circle is very inviting :) I would prefer to do that instead of the nekkid thing :)

    The impro was great :) It's so much fun to be in that environment where people are spontaneously coming up with stuff. Obviously in that situation there are things that fall flat, but the improvisers just soldier on, because they know this is par for the course. When it gels, it's great. We are going again next Sunday night :)

  6. well....
    if you danced nekkid around the bonfire in a circular direction, THAT could be your winter mandala :0))))

  7. I expect posted video of said 'nekkid dancing round bonfire'. Just only sayin'.

  8. You guys are just all hooked on saying the word "nekkid" now, aren't you.

    Believe me, Norm dude, you would not want to see that video.


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