Crappy Jobs and Combat Tactics

Saturday 11 July 2009

I'm feeling pretty hamstrung by my job, I gotta say. Some weeks I'm fine and it's all in perspective. It remains the dull, dreary job it was last week but it just stays flat in my mind, you know? I keep it interesting by chatting for reasonable stretches of the day to my workmates and by doing arty-type things and peopleish-type things when I'm not there. Then it all stays in perspective.

But there are other weeks where it just feels like the hamstrings ping every time I use my legs and the claustrophobia sits on my chest like asthma. Some weeks I want to pack a bag and run off screaming down the road like my hair is on fire, never to return. Some weeks it is obvious in every part of my square peggedness how bad a fit this job is for an extroverted, people-lovin', life-lover. And then I dwell on it and it depresses me, and starts pulsating, like the walls when Neo began to understand his onenness and stopped all those bullets from Agent Smith's gun. (That movie revisit was so enjoyable this evening, it didn't even feel ruined that I couldn't watch the part where Neo visits the Oracle because the CD was scratched and wouldn't budge through it. Still my favourite line: "I know kung fu." Heh :) And all that black leather's not such a bad deal either. And hey, yeah, alright, so Keanu could play Pinocchio and he would NEVER turn into a real live boy but stay wooden for the whole ride but he has a certain charm notwithstanding all of that, and it's not simply physically related either 'cos when I want that I watch Point Break ;)

Anyway, where was I?

I think part of the problem with having something you're forced to do regularly that you dislike is not the thing itself so much as the way it looms and rears itself up at you like an ogre. Sits itself in the corners of your mind (alongside the misty water-coloured memories of the way we were). Even with a four-day week, I find myself struggling in the middle part; then I come home and feel depressed and don't do the things that would help me maintain perspective.

What is the deal with that? It patently pisses me off, dear blogger, that all it takes for me to keep my job in its proper perspective is art-making and meditation, and that very often I avoid doing the very things that will make it all feel bearable. Oh, who shall rescue me from this body of death?

Well, for the next six weeks at least it's Northcote Pottery who, for a reasonable sort of a fee, shall give me lessons while I immerse myself into clay in the presence of other living, breathing human beings and maintain my equilibrium at the very same time. I shall be making a human head and a standing figure and some sort of a bottle or vase or container, and learn some glazing and surface treatement techniques, and finish with a sculptural piece of my own choosing. And just typing this I can feel the bubbles flipping in mah belleh.

It's enough to make me dribble out the sides of my mouth. Hopefully I shall resist doing it onto my lovely new blue flanelette sheets I am about to go lie on. Gee, I hate shopping, but now I have shopped I have nice new sheets. The formaldehye fumes time have had time to clear (evil stuff, hence the "wash before use" directive that I have obviously ignored) so now I'm off to read in cosiness. See you on the flipside.


  1. i can relate to the words crappy and job going together :(

    but what joy to have the northcote pottery class to look forward to, at least having a crappy job allows one to pay for said course :)

    re linen and the dressing they coat it in, add half a cup of vinegar to the first few washes and it gets rid of the coating, (and makes towels absorbent and fluffier too)

    as martha gardner exits stage left . . .

  2. I watched Point Break the other day. :)

    I think the balance part of life is to face those things that are dreary to us, being sure to garner for ourselves hefty doses of the things we enjoy, that fill us and make us alive. I don't suppose anyone has a life where they truly love every waking moment.

  3. Kel - thanks for that tip, Martha! :) I am going to try that. I will think of you when my towels are all fluffy :)

    I thought your part-time job was going okay???? It sounded pretty good to me.

    You're so right. It's all about having things to look forward to. I'm going to the movies tonight and just having a social life keeps the boring job in perspective.

    Erin - Haha, cool :) I love that scene where they sleep on the beach. Mmm. He's so yummy :)

    I agree, no one has a life where every minute is wonderful. And every age has boredom. And I suppose we should be grateful that we have the sorts of lives that we are able to be bored in them rather than being stuck in North Korean concentration camp mines, for example, like the man i heard the other day. But still ...

    It's funny how difficult it is sometimes to keep doing the things we enjoy. How easy it is to fall into a slumber and not do them. It's so strange ...


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