I Feel Mean

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I feel mean writing the "Take Responsibility" post in response to that irritating, yukky police suspect I was transcribing the other day.

I mean, I imagine if he could change, he probably would. Or, really to take it a step further - obviously my irritation comes from the belief that this is a person who could change but who refuses to (based on nothing, I might add, but my own insistence on creating entire histories and motivations of people I don't even know :)

But for him, I'm sure he believes that he can't change, otherwise he probably would. As a man believes, so he is. That applies to all of us. And of course, paths of change only really open up when people feel accepted and honoured for where they are right now in their lives. And maybe he is taking steps towards taking responsibility for his crap (it was pretty bad; he was bashing his girlfriend and stuff and he was just an arsehole about it) and I can't see it.

Who am I to judge another person?

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  1. I don't think it was mean. None of us really understand what it is to be another person, and when something obviously bad is done, it's human nature to judge.

    You are so right about people feeling honored and only then being able to change. I agree. I have seen that in my own life.


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