Law in Grace Clothing??

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I was just debating in the shower why it is that that phrase that Christians trot out, Love God, Love Others, as what we are to do, why it is that it sounds like a two-legged tripod.

Of course, really, that's the law, isn't it. It's another sort of spreadsheet-type thing that we can put on our to-do lists. Have I loved God today? Tick. Have I been nice to the little old lady down the street? Tick.

Sometimes I think Love God, Love Others is some sort of thing we do to keep God over there. It's a sort of a continuum on which are all sorts of things, like, for example, a man buying his wife flowers because he's been sleeping with the woman in Accounts.

Does this sound harsh and indictable? It is not an indictable offence. It is just how we operate. We are wily, we will keep God away from us. He is terrifying in his Love.

Be Loved By God.

Now, that's a far different saucepan of salmon, isn't it :)

'Cos sometimes when you do that, you'll be unable to be nice to the little old lady down the street because you'll be too immersed in your own shit for a season. Being loved by God is a million spanners in your nicely constructed works, and being loved by God is the only way that you have anything authentic to pass onto the little old lady down the street. Otherwise, she'll still smell within your kindness the faint whiff of agenda.

And the world is heartily battled fatigued by the agendas of Christians.


  1. OOoh. Let me think on that. (pause)

    OK I love it. That is so very true. I think the simplicity thing has to do with how complicated Christianity likes to make itself, but you're right in that it makes everything neat and tidy. We all know being loved by God is much messier than that.

  2. This post feels a bit judgmental and maybe it is. I was pondering it on the train on the way to work. I think maybe I gave the impression that no good deeds or loving God is worthwhile unless it is unsullied. There is no unsulliedness when it comes to this sort of thing.

    My friend and I have had this ongoing conversation about how selfless you can be when doing good things for people makes you feel good. I guess that is what we have to operate out of.

    But anyway, I digress. I'm sorry too that your friend wrote such a cool post (Love God, Don't be an arsehole) and then I have come out criticising that statement. But theya re from different perspectives, you know?

    Am I making any sense? Naw, I dont think I am. I am trying to write my latest Communitas post and STRUGGLING.

  3. Sue, you are making sense. :-)

    This is something good to chew on. :-)

  4. Don't makes good sense. Maybe it should be more like "Be loved by God, Love others" as in, taking what one receives from God and turning it around and giving it.

    Like the whirling dervishes, with one hand receiving from God, one hand giving away to the world.

  5. I like that, Erin. :-)

    You know, it isn't just the world that is battle fatigued by the agendas of Christians. Many Christians are, too.

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