Bagging Stuff and Procrastination

Friday 4 September 2009

In the past week I have bagged certain paranoid elements of American Christendom (presumably). I've bagged the Christian Television Association for their awful 80s ads (and, haha, the joke's on me 'cos ever since I posted that I can't get that horrible ad out of my head. "And they sang, 'I'm in the way. In the bright, shiny way. I'm in the gloryland way!") I've bagged current mannequin fashion in South Yarra and I've bagged Facebook morons.

So I might as well round out the week of bagging my fellow humans both skin and plastic by bagging this crappy piece of art that has shown up recently in the foyer of the office building where I work. It's bright shiny inoffensiveness is offensive to me. The only way I can feel good about it is to think that whoever made it has probably made enough money now to spend the next six months making stuff they really want to make.

What does it say? It says nothing, like all the other inoffensive art I see hanging in the foyers of offices around the city. It says that it's art and it doesn't say anything more than that. It says the companies the work in this building are cool 'cos they have big Lego piece of art in their foyer. Apparently.

Well, I say, the body corporate should have bought an inoffensive print of a large pastoral scene, and shoved that in the foyer, and with the money they saved bought a new bloody heating and aircon system that works properly :) Or had some windows installed that open. We promise we won't hurl ourselves out below because of the foyer art. We promise. Just give us the responsibility to open our own windows. Please.

Alrighty then. I think I've had my say now, at least for a coupla hours. I have had fun manically writing here over the past few days. Part of that mania is fuelled by procrastination of course. I do, however, refuse to let this current story I'm writing get away from me without a concerted fight, no matter how many hundreds of blog posts I may write in-between :)

But hopefully I've stopped bagging people for the moment. It's fun, but it sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth, the way this foyer art does :)


  1. Well, believe it or not, this corporate artpiece speaks to me. It looks like links of a chain. All buffed up and polished, sure, but still a chain. Corporate bondage to the kingdom of this world. Blah! That's my interpretation anyhow.

  2. CM - well, that's a nice spin on it :) Yeah! I just thought it was Lego. There you go!! Haha

    Norm - no, tired of bagging now. I can't do it too often without my paranoia setting in. I guess the insistences on Christian women being good and nice affect me too much to be that brutal two days in a row :)


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