Bridesmaid Duties

Friday, 2 October 2009

Weddings are ridiculous extravaganzas now, aren't they? I went to the hairdresser last night and mine was in a bit of a rush. She is to be a bridesmaid this weekend. The night before she'd gone up there and had the fake tan done. This night, after she finished cutting my hair, she was rushing off again up there to have her nails done.

I would feel totally like a Nazi princess expecting my bridesmaids to spend one evening the week before my wedding getting fake tan AND the next night getting their nails done PLUS all the previous stuff of getting fitted for dresses and shoes PLUS to be my bridesmaid on the day. Isn't it all just getting a little bit too precious??

To be honest, I think the extent that some women go in the whole wedding thing is just plain creepy.


  1. i hope you got a decent haircut
    i'm sick of hairdressers who think your appointment is an opportunity for them to tell their life story
    while snipping of your hair in random bits . . .

    my wedding was simple, when my sister got married several years later, the parentals died of shock cos it was a lot more fuss and expense than mine had been

    i think the pressure put on bridesmaids is huge now, who can afford to spend so much money?
    i wonder if anyone has ever said, "sorry, I'd love to be your bridesmaid, but i can't afford to"

  2. It's a good thing you aren't related to my sister. HUGE wedding. Huge expectations. It was an absolutely perfect wedding for her, I do have to say. Beautiful! Just a huge production.

  3. Kel - haha, well, luckily my hair is curly so if she DOES chop it in random bits I may very well never know! (Except when I blow dry it straight, in which case everyone else except me will know :)

    I agree, who can afford to spend so much money? It just all feels like vanity to me in the end, you know? (NOt that I don't think you shouldn't dress up and look your best and stuff but fake tan as well? where does it end?

    Erin - yeah, probably a good thing I'm not related to her :)


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