Sentence of the Week

Tuesday 6 October 2009

This is my most favourite sentence of the whole of last week:

Just walked up over Maggot Hill, down to Giddy Green, and back across the fields to Wool.
That sentence was both written and walked by MikeF. As if it's not enough that he lives somewhere called Wool, he also gets to gallop up Giddy Green and brave the wilds of Maggot Hill. It's not fair.

Cos hey, I can mosey on down to Sunshine if I want, and while it gets just as much sunlight as its surrounding suburbs, it's pretty uneasy on the eye. And heading back to my home suburb of Braybrook, you can be pretty much dead on guaranteed of finding neither a donkey nor a bubbling stream of water to break the monotony of its gooberly working-class-struggling-towards-middle-class dull suburbanness .

Whereas the fact that they are situated in Dorset, England, makes a straight 50 bet that Giddy Green and Maggot Hill have at least a miniscule portion of charm a pretty safe bet :)

Make up the spare room for me, Mike. I'm coming over.


  1. Yes, it's brilliant isn't it? Like something out of Lord of the Rings. (But without those nasty orcs.)

  2. Yep, for sure enviable. Have a good visit and have a cup of tea for me.

  3. Oh you would be most welcome, Sue. (Mind the orcs as you get off the train, though...)

    I wish I could make you feel better by telling you that Maggot Hill and Giddy Green are grim, industrial wastelands, devoid of charm or interest; but I'm afraid they are just as lovely as their names suggest, and distinctly Shire-ish.

    Perhaps I should do a blog post with some of my photographs of these places... yes, that's an idea. Maybe I'll do just that!

  4. Tess - indeed it is! True, without the orcs - but also without the Ents, unfortunately. Alas, not even somewhere called Giddy Green has Ents (however, all trees have an entish quality about them, don't you think? Hug a tree today! ;)

    Barbara - okay, I shall have a cup of tea for you. I hope Mike has good English Breakfast at his place ;)

    Mike - are the orcs working for the railways down in Wool?

    You know, if you *did* tell me that Maggot Hill and Giddy Green were grim industrial wastelands, that would not make me feel better anyway, so thanks for your wish but I am glad it is not grantable :) I do not need to be walking on Maggot Hill and Giddy Green to luxuriate in their loveliness; just to know that they contain such is enough for me to know :)

    I would LOVE to see a blog post like you suggest and shall look forward to it :)

  5. All manner of breakfasts (even second breakfasts) available, Sue!

    The orcs must be the British Army from the Royal Armoured Corps base just up the road, poor lads and lasses, who arrive by train only to spend the next few months trundling through the village in tanks, hovering over it in helicopter gunships, blowing things up all over the nearby hills and sea cliffs of the Lulworth Ranges, and generally practicing destruction in all its forms before being shipped out to Afghanistan and places. Pray for 'em - one forgets they're so young.

    I'll get to that post either later tonight or on Friday - out all day tomorrow...

  6. Ah yes, wonderful! When in Auckland I lived in Sungrove Rise (read: massively steep hill!), Sunnyvale. It was right behind NZ's largest cemetery!


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