Wheee! It's Friday!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

The days have lengthened considerably around these here parts. It always springs up quickly, and then the daylight savings thing happens, and suddenly the light isn't disappearing until 7.30.


I'm excited like Big Kev, but not about cleaning products (bicarb and vinegar, thanks) but by the impending weekend where I shall bypass the head orcs as best I can and continue to write my story (or at least write about my story if the orcs won't let me get at it. BTW, I am really looking forward to reading one of the six (6) secondhand books that are about to wend their way to me via Betterworld Books. It is a book about writing and yoga practice, of which I have been gorging myself on and blissing myself out on a couple of times this week. Oh, man, there is such a sweet centre within me when I'm doing asanas; it holds all those years when I couldn't and makes it even sweeter. They are another type of prayer for me, like a dance before the divine ... with the occasional grunt thrown in. Yoga asanas are quite strenuous considering you aren't actually pounding the pavement. The rapid heartbeat testifies to that, along with the glitchy niggle near my shoulder blades this morning).

I have just about finished the replacement for my "inner psycho critic" clay bust so sometime this weekend I am going to be taking to the original with a hammer. I'm looking forward to that. I also have many ideas about the next piece I wanna mess with, a variation on the music head idea I was playing around with a few weeks ago. Yet another bust.

Ahh, small creativities, I loves you.

I feel happy today. Happy about the little stuff. Calm and centred because I have been writing and doing yoga and meditating and playing with clay. Making space for the Papa to hang in :) And it's the weekend!!!! I am so looking forward to messing about with the things that expand my world and catching up with friends. Wooh!!!!!!!

I guess them's the sweetest times, huh - when you're aware of the way an ordinary lived life is a prayer. How washing the dishes can be a prayer :) How sweet this space is.


  1. You too, honey bunny. Not gonna need the Aerogard on this one, thought. Bit bloody chilly, isn't it???? :\


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