I know it's silly but ...

Monday 16 November 2009

... I feel more fond of my mass produced items when they begin playing up and developing their own quirks.

My pedestal fan, cheap and nasty, revs its motor when I turn it on but often it's not enough to really get going. I can see the blades, turning really, really slowly. Sometimes I have to turn it off and turn it on again. Eventually, the blades spin faster and faster, but it's such a slow process it's like a meditation watching the blades travel 5 centimetres in 10 seconds. Last night I sat near it, reading a book, waiting for it to come on. It took a couple of minutes and then it was off and running. Once it starts, it doesn't stop.

It's a really shitty cheap pedestal fan. It's got some major procrastination problems. But I sort of like it better now than I did when I first bought it.


  1. Julie has gone through more box fans since we were married than I can count. A couple of them have done what yours is doing before they finally gave up the ghost. We have an exhaust fan in a bathroom that takes a few minutes to get going. The struggle it goes through to get running up to speed is quite a struggle.

  2. later this week, we're all gonna need fans, airconditioners, swimming pools, whatever it takes to keep cool

    this heat is getting ridiculous
    what the hell is summer going to be like!?!

    nice new bloggy skin here :)

  3. New template!!! I like it.

    So you love your slow moving fan? You're funny that way.

    I just dug out my portable heater.

  4. Nice to hear you guys are having some lovely summer weather. Enjoy it for me!

  5. I'm commenting on the post you wrote today that I can see in my feed reader but you've obviously taken away. That was a fine, deeply felt, well-written and very moving post.

  6. Kent - oh, so I should enjoy my crappy stupid fan because it's not going to last, then? Bummer! LOL it makes me laugh at some of the subjects we talk about. I would have bet money that you would never have discussed your bathroom exhaust fan with me, but here we are! :)

    Kel - yeah, sorta starting now (Wednesday). Gonna be 32 today. I must say, I covet covet covet your afternoon sea breezes, that's fer sure. I'm scared about summer actually.

    Barbara - haha, yes, I take pity on ill-working pieces of plastic. Isn't it weird, it's hot here and cooling there? This whole hot at one end, cold at the other, living on a giant ball thing really spins me out sometimes :)

    Erin - I will enjoy it for you! I forget and then remember every year why this is my favourite time. So much ... time!!

    Tess - thank you. I took it down for silly paranoid reasons last night which I won't bother going into here. But now I'll put it up again after your nice comment :)

  7. My poor pedestal fan finally passed away gently and peacefully at some time in the middle of the night so I bloody well woke up at 5am.

    May it rest in peace.


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