Saturday Morning Prattling

Saturday, 19 December 2009

So I've been working longer hours this week.  Trying to shore up as much cash to get me through the two-and-a-bit weeks' free prison break that are looming.  I find myself awoken this morning at 6am - sigh. I've seen a fair bit of 6am lately, I must say :)  And so now here I am getting ready to move myself into gear and get to work.  Double time after four hours. 

I miss writing here.  I have about 17 posts bubbling round in my head.  Three days between posts is a long time in Susieland :)

I am getting to know a little better my own creative field.  How sometimes it lies fallow and it's good to just leave it there for a few days or a week, because now I trust that there is something bubbling away that will present itself in a fashion that my conscious mind can grab and run with.  And so it happens again and I can't wait for the rest time of my weekend so I can go and slap some clay around, get onto that shapeshifting mandala, revise and edit a little bit more the 4000-word short story that's been hanging around baffling me with its shape.  Yummy.

How about you?  How you travelling in this week before Christmas?  I must say, it's been pretty low-key here this year (although perhaps that is a reflection of the media and shopping ban I tend to put on myself.  It's a nice thing to be able to get through a Christmas without being bombarded 17 ways to Sunday.  I'm looking forward to December 26 :)  And my Advent lead-in has been particularly dark.  I feel numb in some ways when it comes to my faith.  In others, God is as there as he has always been, still far too subtle for my liking. 


  1. Good to see you didn't fall off the face of the planet or anything (you are towards the bottom of the earth, right?)

    Actually I knew you were working extra or I would have checked on you. Its nice to get some extra $$$$.

    Looking forward to your 17 great creative ideas you have percolating.

  2. Thanks chicky :) No, still hanging onto the earth (by my fingernails at times it feels like at the moment)

    It's great to get some extra bucks, especially seeing I go on hols for 2 weeks at the end of the week. Hanging out for that!!!

  3. 6 am?!?! What a hideous hour of the day! I try never to see that hour of the day - unless, of course, I am still up from the night before. I am a strange creature that does not care for morning hours, haha.

  4. Sabre, I get to start work at 6am, this Monday morning, don't even get me started about what time my alarm will be going off....Hey happy holidays...but I get Christmas Eve off as well as Boxing Day so I get a nice 5 day weekend...Yeah. We'll be staying home this year the grandparents are getting to old and have health issues. We hope to have some friends over for dinner.

    Zinger (Jon)

  5. Sabre - yeah, I'm more your stead, haha. I wish I wasn't but I am. How nice would it be starting the day with the rising sun?

    Jon - ewww, that's inhumane (the starting time, not having friends over for dinner :) Happy holidays to you too, Jon. I'm feeling strangely numb about the whole experience this year - very weird feeling :(


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